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Full Moon In Scorpio April 30th 2018 – Evolve, Renew and Rebirth


Full Moon in Scorpio

Archetypal Energy: Lilith, the Wild Woman
Lesson: The Power of Truth to Transform Us

Scorpio stings us with the bitter truth like the kiss of the spider woman who names that which we don’t see in ourselves which has the power to destroy us. This catalyst sends our ego to the Underworld, the original ‘man cave’ that is the subterranean cosmic womb of the Great Mother deep within our psyche.The more integrated our shadow side (that being our disowned traits) the more mature we become & the less drama we unwittingly create. Mars (sub-ruler of Scorpio) conjunct Pluto (ruler of Scorpio) on April 26 is likely to intensify our fight with our darkest fears so harness this energy by invoking the courage of the sacred warrior to confront the fight within so you don’t simply act out if triggered & react with aggression. Pluto being retrograde will assist with this. (More info about that in the full subscriber version.)Scorpio asks us to be willing to die – on every level except physically. To surrender our plans to a higher power, to release all that dishonours our values & to relinquish security that compromises our integrity & inner power. The key to our transformation is within the inner realm, known by the indigenous as ‘The Dreaming’ or ‘Dreamtime’. Why? This full moon forms a trine aspect to Neptune, planet of dreams & the inner world in it’s home sign Pisces. So the challenge posed is ‘Do you have the courage to pursue your dreams…the urgings of your Soul so our outer life & your inner life are in complete alignment?’

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