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Hey was good magical family its unique divination, and you’re tuned into urban mystic TV and this is my full moon in Sagittarius May 2018 psychic reading and so basically Last full moon we had the energy of Scorpio which dealt with regeneration renewal decay kind of releasing that winter energy and embracing the spring energy rebirth renewal And so Sagittarius deals with expansion transformation and spiritual awareness, so it kind of just plays off of Scorpio so once we’ve shed all the old things and Scorpio we now begin to expand and Sagittarius and continue to transform, and now we need to be more spiritually aware and apply spirituality to all things that we’re currently doing and So as usual we have our tarot deck which is the Thoth deck? We’ve got a goddess guidance card to get a little bit of feminine guidance, and then we have a past-life card to see how The past life is affecting our current situation and so the first card that We’re going to talk about is The seven of disks which represent a failure so in this instance dealing with the full moon of Sagittarius That transformation energy Expanding we’re gonna come across a fear fear failing this specifically Can be applied to Relationships it can be applied to Business your entrepreneur it could be applied to whether you work for a corporation And just personal Goals that you’re trying to manifest The fear that You are feeling is a fear of the unknown Indefinitely fear of failing I don’t know if you guys have heard of that.

Oh that. That’s saying that The master has failed more times than a student You’re never gonna be able to grow expand learn From anything if you have not failed No one in this life is perfect if anyone portrays that they are perfect, then we know that as a straight facade I Can apply this to myself as much as I like to? Do things the right way I? fail I fail at marketing I fail Making products sometimes have to go back and go to the drawing board and figure out What is it that I’m doing wrong or I did wrong to kind of? work through That roadblock or that challenge ahead so everybody Fails at some point in their life. There is no way you can have any type of growth whatsoever If You haven’t failed at one point at something like I said once you failed you can go back and analyze what went wrong You can look at what can you can do to make it better, and you can move forward instead of harping? one that failure or getting discouraged or You know trying to back out of What it is that you’re trying to do This card as far as relationship wise also deals with a deception Unfulfilled promises you may have somebody in your life.

That’s promising you things That they don’t have any intention on giving you So let’s look at things from a practical standpoint as far as the relationship Call that person out don’t let them continue to feed you with bullshit Knock you in the head with some nonsense call them out let them know that you know that they don’t have any intention and They need to do what they say that they’re going to do, and if this applies to you Then you need to understand that you got to stop telling people things that you don’t have any intention on doing And you may even have the intention on it, but the drive and the motivation actually complete out the request is just not there so Don’t bullshit people if it’s you if you’re telling people that you’re gonna do things Just say hey look. I don’t have the time to do it right now Just don’t don’t paint a picture for somebody that You’re not willing to see all the way through All right, so Also Let’s make sure that the endeavors that were We’re working on some of you that may have some new ideas for businesses or for work, let’s make sure that These are tangible things that can be Groomed and expanded on in the future, okay We don’t want to put that facade out there false hope for anything that we’re doing in life and Don’t give yourself any false.

Hope either look at the reality of things and what you can and cannot do and it’s okay if There are certain things that you can’t do, but we need to look at things in a practical manner and not Now to give ourselves an illusion and not give other people an illusion Reflect like I say to reflect on the failures Reflect on the setbacks to see what it is that we can do different do not be disappointed This is just an opportunity for you to Renegotiate your plan revise rethink what it is that you’re trying to do? Last night Make any unwise investments like I said, let’s focus and learn There’s no sense of Failing if you’re not gonna learn from the failure if you’re just gonna keep repeating the same mistakes.

That’s actually called Insanity, so let’s just remember that okay The next Card that we have is the princess of Wands and so With this card in conjunction with the seven Edisto represent a failure We’re leaning more towards the shadow self and so because there may be some feelings of insecure a failure fear of failing we make around to feelings of Instability Cruelty to people kind of lashing out domineering personality Your fear failure is causing you to Lash out and try to control other people Because you feel like you don’t have any control over your situation Which is completely the wrong way to be looking at things like I said we need to revise or plan and reflect on Our failures and not look at them as failures but as learning moments and so if you Harbor on the Negative aspect of the failure you’re gonna be domineering It’s certainly gonna be looking at things from a superficial aspect the reason why you feel like you’re failing is because maybe you’re comparing or you’re not looking at the totality of the Situation and so it’s making you superficial And as much as we would like There is no fast fix for things like fast money if you want to succeed in life You’re gonna have to work hard and it’s gonna take time and patience and we definitely Need to understand that so if we do not let the shadow aspect of the princess of long gets to us We can embrace Her light side which is having courage being enthusiastic and using Having passion and a joy for life the princess of Wands is packed with powerful energy and creativity and Wands is a fire element which is The will to do stuff and do things, so let’s make sure that we stay on track with our goals and our manifestations Wand is fire It’s incredible energy this card also represents Venus and the fire sign so This would be a great opportunity to let out some sexual frustration If you’ve been celibate for a while I’m not not gonna invite you to a celibate but you need to find a way to release that sexual attention that’s been built up and It is okay to Have sexual relations with yourself but in Order to get those Energies going that spark that we need to help with Manifesting what we’re doing and just to keep going we need to have a Really good sex session with the partner I’m talking hair-pullin spanking We need to release sexual tension because there’s a lot pent up and built up inside If you have a partner and your sex has been lacking lately you may want to look into things to kind of spice it up I Don’t know maybe watch some pornos Let’s get some toys involved some Edible things some food whatever it is that you desire or you would like to incorporate? Into your sex life with your partner If it’s a fantasy.

I mean let’s open up. There’s no reason to be in a relationship with somebody if you cannot confide And your sexual fantasies and desires, so I would really Work on releasing the sexual tension like I said if you have a partner. Let’s explore sexually some new things with each other That should kind of Get Things going for you and get you out of that funk You know direct in that it’s kind of trans mutating that energy of fear of failing We want to transmutate that energy and put it into our passion and desire and it will help with our creativity and Just help with manifesting things that we’re trying to do so lots of sex lots of good sex meaningful quality sex none uh You know one nightstand if I mean if it’s gonna be a one-night stand let it be a good one, but let’s have some good meaningful Powerful sex, right The next card we’re gonna get into is The to a disc and This card represents change constant change sudden change slow change and Jupiter and Capricorn is responsible for this card Jupiter deals with good fortune of course Capricorn deals with structure Organization Materialization orders sacrifice and achievement and so If any of you guys are like me that’s listening I’m a Capricorn and It’s ironic that Capricorn represents this card because a lot of capital coins really don’t like change I Can manage and work through change, but I don’t like change and so that’s something that we need to understand that Nothing is ever the same.

What’s constant is change, and so if you’re somebody who kind of Wants things to go a certain way all the time you may need to reevaluate How you moving through life Are you looking through life because nothing’s gonna stay the same Things are gonna. Change constantly and in order to grow because Sagittarius represents expansion and transformation We need change in our lives so go with the flow Do not fight the change if you see the imagery on the card. It’s an Aurora Boris. Which is a snake biting its own tail? So that it’s indicating that there’s infinity going on which just confirms, or just reiterates what I’m saying as far as Change being the only thing that’s constant alright make sure That we’ve got balance in our life moderation is the key? We don’t do good when we work with extremes if you’re overworking yourself Under working yourself there has to be a balance you can’t do too much, and you can’t do too little rest Taking care of your body eating appropriately.

We don’t want to be eating too much junk food you don’t want to be a health nut and and just you know not indulging and treating yourself to sweets and Things so let’s work in moderation if you’re struggling in your relationship with your partner Always fighting let’s work on being a little bit more silent Until we can find that balance where we learn to communicate effectively and appropriately with our significant other And again just Understand that change is inevitable We need to be like water flow like water water can pretty much adapt to anything And it’s still very powerful so in order for the transformation to take place We need to go with the flow and not a fight Fight with what’s taking place in our life? And so the goddess that will be giving us guidance for the following sagittarius is Lakshmi and Lakshmi is a Hindu goddess who brings abundance to those who call upon her Sorry if you’ve heard a clicking in the background She has a connection to the lotus flower elephants and water Which represents her absolute faith and fertility and abundance available to everyone She’s happy to bring supply to you.

Whether that means money time knowledge or opportunity Lakshmi Works with Ganesh the elephant-headed deity who is known as the overcomer of obstacles together They’re an unstoppable team that works to help you release fear and accept abundance and so it would definitely be beneficial to call upon Lakshmi to help with our fear of failing which we discovered in the seven of disks And so Lakshmi says to us stop worrying everything is gonna be fine This is a kind universe and everyone within it is working in your favor There are no test blocks or obstacles in your way except your own projections of fear into your future Take a moment and hush your mind quieting it from worries and fears Fill me brush your brow with a new energy of faith. Hope and optimism These energies fuel your exciting present time as well as all future moments Why would you wish darkness upon yourself on light shines all around you Step into this brightness by lightening your thoughts and feelings You must stop worrying as this anxiety scorches the goodness that seeks to find you Clear your heart of fear and replace those energies with ones that will serve you and your family instead Refuse to think of anything except you’re bright today and tomorrow, and I promise you that it shall be so And Lakshmi also tells us that you and your loved ones will be protected and provided for Let go of any bag-lady fears about your future Hold positive thoughts and intentions and know that you’ll always have your needs met now and in the future And do not worry about money, but instead visualize abundance So Lakshmi just kind of reiterates and confirms that we can move past that fear Our last card that we’re gonna focus on is our past life card and this basically tells us what kind of energies From our past life that could possibly help us in our current life And we have the greco-roman and this card Tells us that we had a significant life in Greece or Rome that is influencing the situation That we’re dealing with now as far as fear Moving forward kind of transforming You may be drawn to greco-roman culture maybe their religion their gods or goddesses and Perhaps you’ve even visited some of these Mediterranean areas which feel strangely familiar And once we visit a place that we’ve lived in our past life, we kind of experience deja vu so to speak And so now that you’ve become consciously aware of Your connection to Greece and Rome spend time researching these ancient cultures and the spirituality associated with these places your research will trigger memories and insights, and you’ll come to better understand yourself in your situation and What I do know of the Greek on Roma culture is that they were fearless? You know it’s a it was a very brutal in barbaric almost savage Like ERA with war and battle so we can take that energy of being fearless in the greco-roman culture and kind of apply that To the energy of the full moon to be able to work through our adversities our fear of failing And to be create courageous and Understand that the fear doesn’t go away That you’ve got to move through it And so it doesn’t overcome you and stifle you and what it is that you’re trying to achieve, okay? So this concludes my reading for full moon, Sagittarius May 2018 Thank you always for tuning in I appreciate all my listeners viewers All my subscribers each and every one of you.

I appreciate it, and if you happen to be Watching or listening to this video, and you have not subscribed What are you waiting for? Alright, so I will talk to you guys later alright. I hope everyone received this message well and I’m out.

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