Give the gift of presence to a loved one so you can be with them no matter how far away you are.

COVID-19 has kept everyone in quarantine, but there are still ways to build connections with people even if you can’t be with them. The gifts below remind us that we’re not alone.

2nd Wind Health & Wellness – Soul Mat1. 2nd Wind Health & Wellness – Soul Mat 

Be the yin to someone’s yang with these mats that are rooted in community. Each mat is paired with one of the opposite color, and through a unique code that both mats have, you can post a picture on Instagram with the hashtags #2ndwindsoulmat and #(your unique code) to locate who your mat partner is. It’s a special way to make new connections when person-to-person communication is limited. As a bonus, a portion of the purchase of a mat helps fund a non-profit; in this case, you’re supporting the training of service dogs.

$192, Buy it now 

Filimin – Friendship Lamps2. Filimin – Friendship Lamps

Send your friend love and light with the touch of a finger. After you connect the lamp to your home wifi, it can illuminate with hundreds of different colors, and you can assign different colors to different people. When you touch your lamp, both yours and your friend’s begin to glow, and when they tap it back to signal that they received your sign, both lamps change to a different color. It’s a sweet way of sending thoughtfulness to anyone no matter where they are in the world, as long as they’re connected to wifi.

$170 for two, Buy it now

Salacia – Himalayan Salt Rock Yin Yang Tea Light Candle Set3. Salacia – Himalayan Salt Rock Yin Yang Tea Light Candle Set

Settle into your meditation knowing someone else could be doing the same. These handcrafted tea light holders purify your space because Himalayan salt crystals release negative ions when warm which can eliminate odors and toxins from the air, plus you can give the gift of balance by giving someone special the other half of this two-piece set.


$30, Buy it now

Bond Touch Bracelet4. Bond Touch Bracelet

Send good vibes—literally—to someone that you care about. These bracelets, with the accompanying Bond Touch app, enable you to light up and vibrate your friend’s bracelet so they’ll know that you’re thinking of them. A fun gesture could be setting yoga time to a specific color so your friend will know when you’re practicing, encouraging you to get on your mat too or simply take a mindful breath at your desk.

$98, Buy it now

El Paso Designs – Mexican Yoga Blanket5. El Paso Designs – Mexican Yoga Blanket

Send the gift of warmth and reinforcement in your yoga practice with a beautiful yoga blanket. Blankets are the perfect way to send care from afar because actions such as cozying up on the couch to sitting on a folded blanket while meditating provide peace and comfort. While it’s not as interactive as the others, a yoga blanket could be the prop that your friend is missing to try new things in their practice.

$16, Buy it now

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