Greeting my fellow beautiful immortal souls of infinite potential and wisdom!

If you are reading this post specifically – it is not a coincidence. This post is specifically meant for those that are out of alignment with their spirit and feel lost, confused, in need of help, misunderstood, or just generally down on their luck. I have written these words with the intention of healing, love, peace, and general positivity in mind. If you are already feeling a warm fuzzy feeling inside – keep reading 🙂

If you are resonating with these words – this is a synchronicity and you were meant to stumble across this post. Intuition never lies and the Universe oftentimes delivers help in the most unexpected places. My purpose for being put on this Earth is to help as many people reconnect with spirit as I possibly can! Keep reading if you are interested in what I have to say, but please keep an open mind and understand that I am not a person of a materialistic mindset.

Everything I have written is my own personal truth based on my own personal life experiences. Everyone is different, and a lot of people do not wish to live a spiritual existence. Personally I cannot understand why as being connected to spirit makes life infinitesimally easier, better, and just generally more fun – but to each their own. Please take my words to heart as I want to spread this message and awareness to as many people as I can. The more people that, at the very least, are aware of this perspective – the more positivity will be spread throughout the world. The more people that understand this perspective, the more I believe that universal love will spread through our society.

Pretend for a second that I am a genie, and I can make any of your wildest dreams come true. What would you wish for and why? Tell me exactly what you desire and together we can figure out how I can help you. What are the 2 biggest issues you are dealing with and what would you wish for more than anything else?

Throughout my life and time on this Earth, I have experienced so many indescribable life-changing experiences that I honestly am at a loss for words. I have lived in the West, and I have lived in the East and I have understood on a fundamental level what ideological, philosophical, cultural, social, scientific, and general differences separate the West from the East. I have understood why the East despises the West, and why the West ridicules the East. Let us start with a discussion about materialism vs spiritualism and how one can allow these 2 opposing ideologies to coexist.

In the West, specifically Europe and America, we do not believe in a higher divine power and we worship material objects, institutions, systems, and celebrities in its place. We have strayed from religion and spirituality in pursuit of higher levels of scientific knowledge so as to further improve an increasingly capitalistic and material world that is built upon the foundational principles of physicality. Not to say that this is necessarily wrong, but in assuming that everything in the world is purely physical -even things we cannot see like energy, gas, subatomic particles, consciousness- is a rather flawed method of thinking. If everything is physical, what is sleep? What are dreams? What is the feeling associated with emotions? The argument is that emotions and thoughts are simply electrical signals in the brain, but if this is the case how are these electrical signals managed and created? What governs these signals? What are these signals? What is awareness? What is sentience? What is a soul? What is a mind? What is intuition? What is imagination? What are ideas? Riddle me that!

In the East, everyone lives by spiritualistic principles. We realize that everything and everyone is connected – all humans are part of the collective consciousness of humanity, and this collective consciousness is in tune with the Earth itself. Nature is alive and conscious – and so is the Universe itself along with all other planets and stars. We are all a part of the cosmos and Universal Intelligence just as much as grass is part of nature, and love is a part of life. Everyone in the East believes that nothing in this world is permanent and a lot of us are aware that this entire material world is just Maya (illusion) that has been painstakingly crafted to such magnificent detail that it feels real. We are aware however that the entire physical is merely a manifestation of divine thought and imagination and that the Universe/God has a plan for everything. Everything happens the way it is supposed to, when it is supposed to happen and life becomes significantly easier if one can just trust the process of the Universe's manifestation and let go of their egoic desire for control. This is not to say that one will never be in control but that rather one does not need to control everything. The Universe and Nature always win as they are the creators of our entire civilization and society. Understanding this makes life much easier as we can communicate directly with the divine and are not isolated carrying the weight of the world on our shoulders.


I feel that a synthesis of these two ideologies would be in our collective best interest, as the West could significantly benefit from this Eastern perspective of spiritualism and stop polluting the world with all their physical materialism. This would help reduce the amount of waste, cut down on wars in the Middle East, curb the greed of corporations that put profits above literally everything, and help people understand that science only encompasses 30%. The East could also benefit from this Western perspective as it would allow them to start taking the physical and material world more seriously, and stop trusting the Universe so much that they do not advance their own cultures in the way that the West has. A lot of Eastern Civilizations are conservative in nature and need to embrace progressivism as that is the only way forward. Conservatism ultimately leads to regression as all these right-wing resurgences are showing. Having acquired both unique perspectives at such an early stage in life I have made it my mission to spread awareness to as many people as I possibly can about our collective consciousness and the interconnections of our species to one another as well as Nature and The Universe itself. Coronavirus is Nature's form of a wake-up slap as we have been polluting and destroying the natural world for decades now without giving the slightest damn about what harm it is potentially causing. Thousands of species are going extinct, climate is shifting, rivers are becoming toxic, and nobody gives a flying fuck. Humanity will not survive if nature decides to wipe us out – Hurricane Dorian and Coronavirus were warnings. The next wave of natural selection will not be so kind – we will face our collective destruction. We are all out of touch with spirit and out of touch with nature – it is genuinely amazing how many people I have personally encountered that are not aware of the spiritual nature of existence. We are all immortal spiritual souls experiencing a temporary human existence. We are made of the same celestial material as the universe itself – science has already proved this. We have so much more power than our governments and institutions want us to realize – if we all collectively wake up we wouldn't need them anymore and so they keep us as slaves to our own ignorance. I fundamentally disagree with this as I did not incarnate into this life to work for a corporation for my entire life for a menial pension that could give a fuck if i LIVE or DIE. I came to experience love, joy, peace, euphoria, happiness, creation, family, growth, and freedom. I will fight for this until my dying breath as I know that once I leave this world I will reincarnate into a better life. While I am here I will do everything in my power to wake up as many people as I possibly can.

If anyone has resonated with this post and is interested in becoming aware of the spiritual nature of existence – please message me or start a chat. I will happily answer any questions you might have. It is my ambition to create a new system of education for our entire world – one that places focus on common sense and social etiquette since we have lost all of that in our modern world.

I have created an Online Coaching business where I personally Coach and Mentor people 1:1 in spirituality and meditation as well as various other topics. These include (but are not limited to): Astral Projection, Lucid Dreaming, Mindset Shifting, Reprogramming the Subconscious, Reality Shifting, Manifestation, Mindfulness, Meditation, Imagination building, Stress and Anxiety Elimination, Spiritual Therapy, Soul Healing, Multidimensional Awareness, Understanding the Reincarnation Cycle, Discovering your Afterlife, Inner Peace, Shamanism, Chakra Activation, Energy Healing and education, Understanding the Energetic Nature of Existence, Social Dynamics, Relationships, Dating Advice, Self-Love, Setting Healthy Boundaries, Becoming Spiritually Aware, and just generally growing into a positive Kind-hearted loving human being. Love is the answer and the more people I can make aware of this on the level that I understand it, the more love there will be in our world. I am sick and tired of this era of fear, hate, negativity, and just general disconnection. My vision with this business is to help people over the internet as it allows us to communicate in a way we never have before. Eventually I want to grow this business to the point where I can completely reshape the way education is done as a collective species and we shift all academic education online. This way people can choose from basically the beginning of their life what they actually want to learn, and can then be privately coached from their own home by an expert in their chosen field of study. Then institutions like school can be used purely for social and recreational purposes. An endless recess until high school graduation with all academic education taken care of online. This would give teachers significantly more monetary value, it would motivate students that much more as they would actually be excited to go to school, and nobody would hate learning. The current education system has literally made people HATE LEARNING so much that nobody wants to learn ANYTHING anymore. What the actual literal FUCK? NOBODY should ever hate LEARNING just because SCHOOL as an INSTITUTION sucks THIS much goddamn ass. We NEED a change. More than anything else in the world. This is more important than politics, healthcare, climate change, coronavirus, or literally any fucking problem that currently exists. School should be primarily – if not completely – social in nature and people should be able to CHOOSE which academics they learn based on their own desires. I couldn't give less of a monkey's ass about the core curriculum or the SAT or whatever fucking bullshit the system wants to cook up to fuck us over. Knowledge and learning should not be taught simply to score points on an exam that will never be looked at again. What a fucking waste of time, energy, paper, life, and just general everything. This shit is fucked in so many ways and people are blind as fuck to the truth.

I want to live in a world where everyone can communicate like a normal person. I want to live in a world where people are not ashamed to express their feelings. I want to live in a world where people are not shamed for acting on their desires. I want to live in a world where it is socially acceptable for people to make friends with strangers, and explore interpersonal relationships without fear of what anyone will think. I want to live in a world where people work because they want to – not because they have bills to pay. I want to live in a world where everyone shares rather than hoards. I want to live in a world where everyone is part of the same family/tribe of HUMAN. I want to live in a world where we do not let ideas as trivial as nationalism, religion, tribalism, discrimination, and fear stop us from loving who we love, acting how we act, and being who we are. I want to live in a world where I can go approach that woman without worrying if i'll get labeled as creepy. I want to live in a world where a woman can approach me without worrying if she will be slut shamed. I want to live in a world where non-physical ideas of corporations and nations govern how we live. I want to live in a world where Donald fucking Trump is not our leader. I want to live in a world where everyone is rich. I want to live in a world where we learn what we want to**. I want to live in a world where school is fun, knowledge is accessible, and college is not the only way to achieve higher education. I want to live in a world where teachers love their jobs rather than hate them.**

It is 2020 for fucks sake. We should have literal fucking magic and flying cars by now. I am sick and tired of this shit ass nightmare world that punishes people who are different and rewards conformists. We need to take our power back as people and create a world for ourselves that is better than the one we live in. I would honestly rather die than live in this shit society where everyone is afraid to be themselves. Enough is enough. I will do whatever it takes. Until my last dying breath I will fight for a better future. No matter the cost. It starts with us. We need to collectively reconnect with spirit so that we can re-align with the universe. Nations and Governments have no power over the Universe. They haven't even figured out Dark Energy and Dark matter yet THEY tell US how WE are allowed to live OUR lives??? Fuck no. It ends here.

I hope this stirs some thoughts deep within all of you. Freedom is a choice that we must make. The governments of the world and figures of authority fear what would happen if all of us were free – that is why they keep us caged in shit jobs that are not worth our time. We must rise up and take it back.

Much Love and Light to you all <3

The King of Kings

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