Release emotional stress and feel lighter with these poses.

Sometimes emotions can feel incredibly overwhelming. It’s part of being human. Fortunately, yoga gives us tools to navigate these states. You can meditate on, breathe through, and flow with your emotions, and use your practice to mindfully decipher your feelings’ underlying messages. Your practice can create a space of inquiry where you can authentically show up for yourself and affirm a healthy relationship with your inner world.


Yoga teacher Juanita Borges, creator of the sequence that follows, shares her experience with yoga in this realm: “Years ago I remember looking up ‘yoga for anxiety’ and ‘yoga for panic attacks‘ because I was searching for relief. I wanted to better understand how stressors exist in my body. I noticed how I tend to hold tension in my hips and in my shoulders. Finding yoga poses that helped me release these areas also made me aware of my relationship to the stressors themselves. Understanding the rise in energy from a panic attack or the holding of stagnant energy revolutionized my yoga practice.”

For this sequence for managing emotional overwhelm, unroll your mat with the intention of listening to what your body is truly longing to be liberated from. Allow this interlude of introspective movement to reveal and release any stimuli that are limiting you. These poses are designed to ease the weight off of your shoulders, the tension from your hips, and to help you let go of any energies no longer serving you. Explore this sequence in a quiet, peaceful space that helps you feel comfortable with your vulnerability.

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