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Experiences with drumming and meditation?


–I'm well aware that arts engage a semimeditative state and no doubt drumming is one of those arts. That's not exactly what I'm gonna be talking about in this thread tho. I'm also not talking about listening to drumming tracks to aid in achieving various meditative and trance states as I know that can be powerful

I just bought a simple hand drum for a Shamanism workshop I'll be doing soon, but percussion is something I've been drawn to for a very long time anyway and I'm happy to have this instrument. Despite how simple it is, I've already discovered it to be extremely versatile in sound

Lately, I've also been doing experiments with my meditations as I'm naturally experimental and routine also doesn't sit well with me. When I first started venturing into meditation as my higher self was calling me to, I'd do research online on how to do it, what approaches to take, what positions to use, etc. Just basic research on how to get started with it–But I've come to realize that I do far better just following my intuition when I set myself to a meditation session. So what exactly I do and feel and where my meditative urges take me will vary deeply depending on the day

I will note that I'm still an extreme noob, but even then, I've found my intuition to be the most valuable resource

Yesterday I simply went outside and sat on a bench on my front porch and I started first by practicing(and not very well lmao) some mudras as I had just been introduced to the concept that day and realized that my guides were possibly drawing me to exploring mudras. However, I didn't spend long with the mudras. I started calling upon Dea(she follows me) to aide me and I started reciting chants that just came to me in the moment. I ended up falling into the deepest meditation of my life through those chants. I also found myself going into involuntary movements and crying(not out of sadness) in the beginning stages before the deep meditation hit. It didn't take long for it to hit me and I hadn't even meditated for a couple of weeks

After that, I became even more interested in experimenting with meditation and giving myself a variety of tools to use. A friend of mine asked me if I had ever tried drawing while meditating. I haven't, but it's something I really really want to do and I'm excited to try. My mind is very much in tune with symbols and I'm excited to see what symbols come about of the process but also I sense that possibly doing this might aide in going deeper into meditative states or perhaps trance states(I know these states are linked, but I'm not sure exactly how they are or if they're really just the same state)

I'm a writer, and I find that in semimeditative states and trance states(this is something I'm actually very experienced with and not a noob with at all, and I'm extremely experienced with semimeditative states as well, just not deeper meditation), words will flow through me so easily like I'm being possessed. But I don't think words will suit extremely deep meditative states. I could be wrong with that tho

Now onto the part about drumming–

I'm well aware drumming has been used for hundreds of years by various tribes to help get people into altered states of consciousness, trances, but like I said, I'm still not sure of where the split between trance states and meditative states is since I know they both engage deeper levels of consciousness

But I'm really curious if anyone here has had experience using drumming to help them get into meditative states. Not trances, but meditation. I'd assume that if it can be used as a tool for meditation, much like with my chanting, it will start out very actively and taper out as you go deeper and deeper. So this is just a question of whether it can help get you into a meditative state. Going back to my first paragraph, I do realize that if drumming can help one get into deep meditation, it's by the same process that drumming can help one get into a creative, semimeditative state, I just want to know if it can go deeper

Another thing I'm trying to discover is if these various tools(drumming, chanting, drawing, etc.) are solely able to help us get into meditative states or if the meditative state we fall into might actually form a feedback loop where the meditative state is influencing the expression of these tools while the tools are simultaneously helping the meditation become deeper

I know this will vary from person to person so I'll do my own experiments with this now that I have this lovely drum, but I'm really interested to hear of anyone else's experiences

sidenote: I know most people approach meditation for the sake of achieving peace, but I've had these pieces of information come to me that tell me there's an infinite pool of things we can achieve from meditation, a great variety of states we can tune into rather than just serenity and peace. So these tools may be ones that can be used to reach these various states. But I'm just theorizing there. My real point is that I have this growing conception that meditation is a lot more infinite than is typically explained in online articles. Given that what lies within deeper states of consciousness isn't just a single state of being and in fact these parts of ourselves are infinite in themselves, meditation must be much more varied by extension

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