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EVENT: July 17th – Astrology Talk in Brighton


The Venus Asteroid Family of Astrology
A Talk by Jessica Adams
Jessica AdamsJessica Adams

You think you know Venus by sign, house and aspect in your birth chart and her lover Mars – but what about her husband Vulcan (asteroid Vulcano)? She also has a son called Cupid (asteroid Cupido) and a daughter-in-law named Psyche, another asteroid in the Venus Family Tree. Using Solar Fire you can find out your Vulcan, Cupid and Psyche signs at this unique event – the only workshop Jessica Adams will be giving on the Venus family tree in 2019. Come along and find out how the family affects the relationship you have with your own family, as well as former, current and potential partners and lovers. Of course!

Please arrive at the Cornerstone Community Centre Hove (map here) from 7.30pm onwards for a 7.45pm start and  9.15pm finish. All are welcome. You can pay cash on the door. Cost £8 and £5 for members. Concessions available on request.

For more information, please visit website.

About The Brighton and Hove Astrology Circle

The Circle is affiliated to the Astrological Association of Great Britain

Aim: We are a non profit-making group devoted to promoting a wider appreciation of astrology in today’s world by bringing together professional astrologers, hobby astrologers and students. We offer talks, discussions and like minded friendships.


Read more: jessicaadams.com


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