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I have added as much detail as possible of what happened the night we saw the Tall White "Inorganic/Supernatural Being" Aka "Nightcrawler"/"Sʔi:ɬqəy̓","Sisiutl" and exactly what it looked like. This experience was the only paranormal experience I've ever had, probably the only one that I will ever have in my life and was one of the two most spiritual/terrifying experiences I have ever had. If anyone has had an experience/encounter with something like this please let me know in the comments. I've looked all over the internet and reddit for encounters that were identical to mine or even similar and there are absolutely no encounters like mine.I was told by another reddit user that was from Castaneda's private class and has read all of his books/has been studying his work for many years what I saw was called an "Inorganic Being".

I sent a drawing I did of the "Inorganic Being" to someone that was First Nations on instagram that lives in B.C not to far from me and he knew what it was right away, told me what the name of the "Inorganic Being" was in his their language and gave me a bit of hints to what it was. With the First Nations information and the other information I received about Castaneda, I compared all the details with my experience and that is how I know it was a "Supernatural/Inorganic Being". When you compare notes they are all the same, but in different wording. Other people and I have tried searching up the name of what the specific indeginous culture call them here in B.C on the internet and the "Dictionary Of Upriver Halkomelem". We could not find the name online or in the dictionary, probably because he said it's "High status stuff they don't share publicly". I did do recent some research though and I found out some of the other real names different indigenous cultures call the "Nightcrawlers", I posted them at the very bottom in the personal sidenote with other research I took off the internet about them. I am already very aware of the Nightcrawler videos. The movements looked way more terrifying and "psychedelic"in real life compared to the videos, and it looked much more ghostly. The Being I saw stayed in the exact same place the whole time we saw it, It did not walk like the ones in the videos. They are not called "Nightcrawlers" either, I explain at the bottom.

Here is a screenshot my friends old house and some of the 5 acre forest with the spots marked out where we were and where we saw the Tall White Being. https://imgur.com/a/jV6pnmT

Here is the rough drawing I made of "exactly" what the Tall White "Supernatural/Inorganic Being" looked like: https://imgur.com/a/5jAef6O

Here: https://imgur.com/a/8C6ytrX is me and my friends conversation a year after we saw the figure (2011 when I was 17) I dug up in my facebook messages. I clearly hadn't spoken to my friend in a while and I say "I can't stop thinking about the figure we saw in his forest", I say "the feeling I had when I saw it was death", he states "hes never been as scared since", "he was worried to tell anyone about it" and he was "Mesmerized by its movements".

TL;DR close to the bottom of post but I suggest you read the whole post though because it is worth it.)


Back in 2010 in British Columbia, Canada approximately in early October or mid October when I was 16 (I am 26 years old now) My old friend lived in the northwest rural part of my city(has a lot of forest area and farm land as I posted) His backyard has 5 acres of forest with a few houses surrounded in the distance around the outskirts of the forest. Me and him would go and explore the forest all the time because it was quite mystical and just a cool place to wander. This one time me and my friend went outside to his forest with his dog like we would usually do in the daytime, but this time at night in his backyard forest at about 1 am to go explore and smoke a joint like usual (Which we were sober at the time and did'nt even get to smoking because of encountering the "Inorganic Being" and being terrified, we ended up smoking it inside his basement/room).

There's a steep cliff made out of forest floor when you first walk in. It is only about 10 – 15 feet into the forest area from the "entrance" of the forest. When we were standing at the top of the cliff/ravine before the path way leading down to the rest of the forest and the creek at the bottom which was the only safe way to walk down especially at night, I could see a 7-8 feet tall pure white soft looking figure and it was inbetween the trees moving around softly swaying left to right back and forth slowly standing (literally touching the forest floor) in the exact same place the whole time we saw it making absolutely no sound and there was absolutely no wind.

I wasn't even going to say anything about the figure to my friend at first because I was waiting for my friend to say something. We observed it for a couple seconds in complete silence and we're "mesmerized" by it's movements, then I asked my friend if he saw it and he said yeah he could as well. We stood silent in fear as we were watching it do its strange unsettling soft swaying movements/trying to adjust our eyes to the Inorganic Being and see what it was doing. As I was in a slight daze watching it sway I started to feel a ominous energy "set in" and felt impending doom (the sinking feeling) in my chest area like when you are going to die or are in a life threatening situation and I had shivers going throughout my body. That's when I told my friend specifically "I don't like this", he agreed and we left immediately. I wasn't so much scared of the sight of the Inorganic Being, I was more curious about the strange movements it was making and what it really looked like, I was scared of the feeling of death it made me feel. It felt like I was going to literally die, or something really bad was going to happen.

The "Inorganic Being" was just white long limbs seemed to be at least 7 – 8 feet tall from where we were standing which was about 30-40 feet away from us. It was not a trick of the mind or light, there was no light nor moon shining in the forest because it was filled with tall pine trees/other vegetation had various leveling's. It was not a spiderweb or any sort of garbage (we had gone back in the morning daylight and saw nothing out of the ordinary). His forest is pristine condition cause no one ever goes in it, there is no garbage. We got into about 10-15 feet in the forest and were at the top of the ravine standing at a cliff/before the pathway to down (The safe way to get down) and the "Inorganic Being" was in between trees down below where we would take the pathway downwards. There were no houses close enough to give off any light or give off a shine through the trees and the Inorganic Being was not see through it looked like it was almost solid, but it was very ghostly/spirit looking as well. It was upside down v shaped and It had no facial features/head at all from what we could see in the dark.

It was so white it looked like it was almost shining but it wasn't because it was'nt giving of any light of any sort or illuminating the ground or trees around it, you could see the shadow being cast on while it was swaying in the pitch black forest. It looked solid enough to the point where you couldn't see through it at all, it was solid white. It looked soft and kind of shiny, it was swaying left to right, right to left with its two really long arms, it looked bulky/strong at the top and shoulder areas and where a head would be but there was no head that I could see. The best way I can describe it is 7-8 foot thin separated curtains swaying in the wind touching the forest floor, but right and left back and forth in a specific motion with no sound at all, absolutely no wind, dead silent. Its movements were "Psychedelic" and sort of "hypnotizing". It was soft like Charlies white spirit entering Peters body after the attic scene from "Hereditary" Probably the most solid description I can give of what it looked like. It was making no sound at all while it was swaying, it was beautiful to look at and terrifying/unsettling at the same time, that's why it was so astonishing to look at, it was almost angelic. There were absolutely no sounds in the forest, it was dead silent while it was moving back and forth. Its movements could have been a lure of some sort because it did not move towards us or anywhere, or it was just letting us know to stay away because it was scared to death as well or just didn't want us to disturb it. It was literally something you would see in a science fiction horror movie.

We left very quick because we did'nt know what it was, it scared us and our intuition (my feeling of dread/death) told us it was dangerous. I remember my friend yelling something at it because he could tell his dog was scared , I am entirely positive the dog was whimpering. And the Inorganic Being was just still swaying back and forth left to right between the trees in the same exact same spot. We left quickly because we were terrified and did'nt plan on wanting to even see what it was. Almost immediately after we got out of the forest (left the "entrance" of the forest (which we were not far from) it felt like a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders and the feeling of dread left pretty much immediately. I will never forget walking out of the forest that night.

There is absolutely no animals in Northern British Columbia, Canada or the rest of Canada and U.S that look close to what we saw, there are absolutely no animals that are 7-8 feet tall and stand on 2 legs. It did not have a body( It's 2 legs/limbs were its body) It was not a animal, and there is no possible way to "debunk" this. I have explored all the options of what it could have been. This was the first time we ever went out to his forest at night, and it was the last time we ever went in the forest at night. The 5 acres of forest is the biggest area of woods in that area. Around the area of town it is mostly just a couple million dollar houses, and farm/forest area. It is pretty much the greenbelt of my city. He has no neighbors that are close to the location because as I said his forest is 5 acres with the closest neighbors being at least 3 blocks down the street on the right hand side of the forest. To this day the feeling that I had when I saw the Inorganic Being move still gives me shivers. The fact that we went out to the forest at that time really late at night and happened to see that freaks me out as well, cause it was clearly meant to be seen by us. If we went out any later or any sooner we might not have seen it in his forest at that moment of time. Like I said, I didn't have to point out to my friend where the Inorganic Being was he automatically saw it at the same time I saw it. I think the feeling of dread could have possibly have been a warning to keep away from it and that is why me and my friend left right away without any hesitation. It is now 9 years later I am 25 and the experience still scares me.

This was my only Parnaormal Experience I have ever had. There was no paranormal activity that I experienced when I would go to my friends house or on his property/ in his forest besides the one experience/encounter, but now that I think back on hanging outside there and exploring the woods there is for sure something "special" about the whole location.


I understand a lot of people are scared of these types of things and they don't want to believe they exist, but would have had to be there yourself to understand what it looked like, see the creeping movements, and feel what I felt. Like I said I guarentee you a lot of people don't come forward with their encounters/experiences due to feeling sick looking back on it/not wanting to talk about it because it was just too intense for them and they also don't want to be labeled insane or made fun of. We have scaled my friends forest including the area where we saw the Inorganic Being at least 20 different times/ different days before hand seeing it and we went back the day after to the exact spot where we saw the Inorganic Being in the forest and noticed nothing out of the ordinary. So we know that it was some sort of "being" and it was something we shouldn't have been seeing or attempt to go up to.

Here is my full description of the "Supernatural/Inorganic Being" Aka Nightcrawler, me and my friend saw:

7-8 feet Tall, Pure White (When I mean "pure white" I mean Paper, Bone white) Not see-through, Just 2 Pure White Long limbs (from what we could see in the dark). It was so white it looked like it was almost giving off light but it was'nt because it was not shining or illuminating the trees or ground and Im pretty sure you could see shadow on it from it moving back and forth in the same place between the trees, it looked bulky/strong at the top and shoulder areas and where a head would be but there was no head that I could see. It was swaying back and forth around that I can only describe as 7-8 foot separated curtains swaying in the wind touching the forest floor, but right and left back and forth in a specific motion with no sound at all, absolutely no wind, dead silent. Emanated the feeling of dread and impending doom as I was in a slight daze by its strange movements. I tried my best to squint my eyes and adjust them to the Inorganic Being/dark better to see what it was doing or if I could make out what it looked like better, but it did not help at all it just still appeared as I described. (The drawing I made is exactly what it looked like, I am an artist and I tried my best to recreatre what it looked like to my ability, there was no extra detail necessary, like I said the drawing I made is exactly what it looked like.)

(Tl;DR: Entered my friends backyard 5 acre forest at night close to 1 am and both of us immediately saw something out of place down the path below about 30-40 feet away from us in between the trees that was tall and white. It appeared to be completely white and soft like light, but it did not illuminate the trees or ground around it. There was no face or any facial features we could see, no arms and it was shaped in a upside down V. It was making creepy swaying movements with its (whole body) two legs left to right back and forth silently still standing on the forest floor in the exact same spot the whole time we saw it. It was so white that you could see the shadow being cast on while it was swaying. It did not pick up its legs or walk at all. I can only explain it as looking like 7-8 foot really white, soft, shiny separated curtains blowing in the wind left to right in a specific motion standing on the forest floor in the same area between the trees making absolutely no sound, and there was absolutely no wind. It was beautiful to look at but terrifying at the same time. We watched it in silence as it was swaying and It started to emanate the feeling of death in my chest (the sinking feeling), not to be confused with anxiety, I felt pure dread "set in" when I was watching it move and it felt like I was going to die or something bad was going to happen. I told my friend specifically "I don't like this", he agreed, and we immediately left the forest. We went back in the morning and there was nothing out of the ordinary (Spiderweb, Garbage, etc.) in the spot where we saw the Inorganic Being. I was told these are actual beings with a name and you can see them at any time of the day or night. I was told these beings are called "Inorganic Beings". There is information online and books Carlos Castaneda wrote about them. These specific beings go by "Sisiutl" and various other names from different Indeginous cultures. Here is the rough drawing I made of "exactly" what it looked like: https://imgur.com/a/5jAef6O

P.S "Nightcrawler" is just a made up name by the public/internet because they were captured on camera at night and they dubbed them "Nightcrawlers". Upon doing some recent research of what the First Nations person told me, many different cultures of indigenous people in B.C know about these beings. The Sto:lo culture states that there are 5 different kinds of "Stl’áleqem" (Supernatural/Inorganic Beings) and the "Si:lqhey" is one of them. The different names of these beings are "Sisiutl", "Sʔi:ɬqəý̓","Siilquey", "Si:lhqey" ,"Sunulqaz", "énétlékē", "wasgo", "haietlik", "Say Nuth Kway", "Sinulhka", "Grubworm", "Sisiuth", "Se-sook" and various other names. It specifically states in a Thesis from UBC called "The Northwest Coast Sisiutl" from 1975 they are Supernatural beings and shamanism is strongly associated with them. https://imgur.com/a/viQx9yT

This soulcatcher of "Sisiutl" shows the actual "being" secretly ornamented with abalone as the lips. If you tilt your head to the right or left you can clearly see the shiny Abalone inlay for the lips of the snake or teeth are actually the being itself hidden in plain sight. https://imgur.com/a/ceA7ySs https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Soulcatcher

https://open.library.ubc.ca/cIRcle/collections/ubctheses/831/items/1.0093447 I looked up the symbolism for a Double Head Serpent because the symbol for them is a "Two Headed Snake/Double Headed Serpent" or a upside down two headed snake just like the beings. The wikipedia page also says "The sisiutl is a legendary creature found in many of the cultures of the Indigenous peoples of the Pacific Northwest Coast. It is typically depicted as a double-headed serpent with fish qualities, sometimes with an additional central face of a supernatural being. The sisuitl features prominently in Pacific Northwest art, dances and songs. The sisuitl is closely associated with shamans because both are seen as mediators between the natural and supernatural worlds." https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sisiutl

Taken from the "Sto:lo Heritage Policy Manual":

“Stl’áleqem” is the word the Old People use to categorize certain spiritual beings inhabiting parts of S’ólh Téméxw (Fraser Valley)."

"Perhaps the best way of conveying what a stl’áleqem is simply to identify them by name and then describe how they are referred to within sxwôxwiyám and sqwelqwel (oral histories). The Old Ones speak of at least five different types or kinds of stl’áleqem: Sí:lhqey, the two-headed serpent…" https://imgur.com/a/38oEZgI

https://www.jstor.org/stable/30028780?seq=1#page_scan_tab_contents Lillooet traditional cosmology recognizes a supernatural being called sünuƚqaz', which manifests itself as a gigantic animal, usually a serpent. A being with an etymologically related name and similar attributes is recognized by a number of other Salish cultures, namely, Straits, Halkomelem, and Squamish, while a similar animal, called by unrelated names, appears in yet other Salish cultures. This article discusses the various functions of this being in those Salish cultures where it occurs, as well as the etymological history of the name sünuƚqaz', and serves as a contribution to cryptozoology and the study of beings not recognized in the western taxonomic canon.

https://www.sacred-texts.com/nam/nw/ttb/ttb13.htm The Houses of these mythical people had Sisuith carved on their cross-beams and when visitors entered the tongues of the serpent would constantly wag. These symbols (Double Headed Serpent) are used by clan members today in the ornamenting of their houses and articles of daily use. They are also carved on their Totem Poles.

The symbol is heavily used in different cultures to represent these beings, they even have a statue at UBC in B.C https://imgur.com/a/UQsj1bA dedicated to the being. I was specifically told you can actually see these beings all the time, day or night. So the name "Nightcrawler" is a misconception and is ridiculous. The reason I call them "Inorganic Beings" is because that is what Supernatural Beings are actually called. You cannot find where the "Nightcrawler" statues are located or even link them to a certain culture online because they are "not" called "Nightcrawlers", they are a specific kind of "Inorganic/Supernatural Being" like I said and different Indigenous cultures that interact with these beings have different names for them in their different first nations languages. There is absolutely no research, information, or experiences on the internet about "Nightcrawlers" because that is not what they are called, there is a ton of research and info on "Inorganic Beings" because that is what they are called.

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