I thought I'd post this to give some guidance to those who have recently awoken because I see sk many "you are god" "everything is not real" etc posts

Don't get caught up in the that, it's a trap. As soon as you see the way you begin to walk the wrong way again. Awakening is step 1 there is much further to go. The trap has many pitfalls and a common one is that after awakening you believe you need to know perfect yourself, that you need to change, that you must help others, etc.

Then you begin labeling yourself fancy names like lightworker, psychic, a shaman, a star seed, etc. The other trap is falling into the "everything is an illusion." And "there is no pain, everything is fine." While many will have to walk these paths and in some cases for years or even fall back asleep, you need to discern truth from lies.

Awakening is step 1 of walking toward the enlightenement, there is still more to learn.


If you define yourself by a label you lose the potential to be all that which is and experience it, don't fall into putting yourself into a box when the real I is unlimited.

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