So, Ive been trying to connect with my guides and develop my intuition an clairsentience along with all the other Clair's. I've been off of work for a while so I've really dedicated myself to this. I've bought several online courses and hit meditation like an obsession almost. I've posted before about seeing colors and shapes as well as flashes of light and orbs when I'm in a deep state of meditation. I've been asking all kinds of questions and everyone tells me to ignore it and just be an observer. I didn't understand why because I felt like it meant something. It never used to happen to me then all of a sudden purple swirls on a pitch black background and even pitch black with a sense of depth if that makes any sense…it was different. I feel like there is an expance in the darkness. So I was trying to make it happen tonight and I was getting frustrated and decided to just stop for the night and try again tomorrow. I closed down my shamanic binural beats on YouTube, took my earphones out and saw that it was 11:11pm. I smiled and felt like I should attempt a short meditation again because I believe in signs…lol. So I began to meditate and almost immediately the purple swirls began and I just sat…as pure awareness and didn't try to figure anything out…just watched as an observer. A tunnel opened up and it felt like I was going through it and I continued to sit just being aware of what was happening. A little bit of fear creeped in and the tunnel disappeared and it was back to the swirls. I told myself that nothing can hurt me and I decided or felt like I should use intention to connect as a light being and not my mind. I said "shift" in my mind to kind of switch to seeing myself as my spirit body and not my physical body and the visual display got even better. I began to see profile views of people and some other stuff such as crazy colors. Coming out of my meditation I all of a sudden knew that seeing those things means that I've expanded my conciousness into the spirit realm. That my mind connected to another realm or at least a kind of gateway to another realm. I know there is a way through but I'm not sure how to do it. Maybe "a way through isn't the right way to say it but maybe a deeper connection can be made. I feel like I can communicate with other beings in this realm although Im not sure how to connect with them yet. Is this right? Does what I'm saying make sense? I feel like this knowledge was put in my head to answer the questions about what the visual perceptions were…I've been trying to figure that out for a while now and I feel like it was answered tonight. Am I crazy or can this be true?

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