Our Pisces full moon ritual helps you get unstuck when the moon beams arrive on Wednesday, September 2, 2020.

by The AstroTwins

Pisces is the twelfth and final sign of the zodiac and it rules the dream realm, the subconscious mind and the transition from life into the afterlife. A full moon in this compassionate sign can illuminate deep feelings (grief, sadness, heartbreak) that we’ve stored in our psyches. Sometimes, the only way to get past these feelings is to go through them. Our Pisces full moon ritual helps you do that.

Ritual: Make an Altar to the Departed

Your altar could be for a relative or a friend, a person or a pet, who has died. It could also be for someone who left your life due to a conflict or even a breakup. Your altar may also be devoted to someone you didn’t have a chance to know or meet. For example, if you were part of a closed adoption or don’t know a birth parent, you could use the altar to connect to their spirit.

To make your altar for your Pisces full moon ritual:

Start with a beautiful cloth or use a tray if you want to move the altar around your home
If you have photos of the departed, gather them on your altar
You could also place objects, personal property, like earrings from a grandmother, an engagement ring from a dissolved marriage, etc.
Fill a bowl or glass with water (this represents the “river of tears” you are shedding—even if real ones don’t flow from your eyes or you’re all cried out; add a spoonful of sea salt or Epsom salt into the water, said to cut through any harsh or toxic energetic “cords” lingering between you)
You could write a letter to the person and tuck it under the water bowl, or even place the paper in the water as a symbolic cleansing
Place other sacred objects onto the altar like flowers, stones or crystals (black tourmaline is good for absorbing energy you are ready to release; you could also use stones that symbolize love, like amethyst or rose).


Spend a few minutes with your altar for the next seven days. Then take the water to a neutral location, ideally in nature where the soil can hold the energy of your grief, and pour it into the ground. Scatter dried petals there, too. You could also dry and burn any letter you wrote and scatter the ashes.

Pay attention to what comes to you in your dreams during this week. You could have a “visit” from an ancestor or a healing dream that gives closure to a painful situation.

Other ideas for a Pisces full moon ritual:

Give your crystals a full moon bath to clean their energy and recharge them with the light of this powerful lunation. Set them outside to bask in the moonlight for 24 hours.
Have a divination party: Invite friends to pull tarot or angel cards
Soak in a salt bath (Epsom or sea salts) to clear any toxins or psychic attachment.

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