Sat: Healing Chiron turns retrograde, helping us look more closely at wounds from our past.
Sun: At last! Mercury retrograde is over, ending three weeks of disruption to communication, travel and technology.





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Aries Daily Horoscope by The AstroTwins
Aries (March 21 – April 19)

What’s the point of it all? Not to get all heavy and existential on you, Aries, but a period of extreme soul-searching begins on Saturday. As healing Chiron turns retrograde in your sign, you’ll examine yourself under a stronger lens. What kind of mark are you leaving in the world? Are you doing work that satisfies your soul? Does the authentic behind-the-scenes you match your public persona, or are you living a double life? These are the kinds of questions you may grapple with between now and December 15. Though it may be painful at times to go there, it feels much worse to ignore your calling or to put on a false front. On Sunday, tend to the people in your inner circle as messenger Mercury ends a retrograde that began on June 18 and has been shaking up your home and family zone ever since. Maybe you had a challenging standoff with a close friend or a chaotic situation at Chateau Ram. Take heart: The messenger planet is sprinting forward again, smoothing ruffled feathers and soothing hurt feelings. With articulate Mercury in this corner until August 4, you may want to put your eloquence to work making amends with anyone who has felt the sting of your sharp tongue over the past three weeks. See the full week >

Taurus (April 20- May 20)

Give your inner child some attention this Saturday as “wounded healer” Chiron turns retrograde in your twelfth house of closure and the subconscious. Some ancient hurts could come up between now and December 15, perhaps ones you never fully dealt with. This would be a good time for therapy or spiritual work. Beware a tendency to project your unresolved issues onto others. You might also work through old pain by helping others who are undergoing a similar struggle. On Sunday, Mercury ends a three-week retrograde through your communication sector. Ever since June 18, you’ve been fielding argumentative types at every turn! By now, you may have realized the common denominator (glug) was you…and maybe you came to terms with the fact that you quite enjoy a spirited debate! That aside, Bull, you can move back to peaceful pastures and start clearing the air as the messenger planet brings a fresh wave of fresh energy to your interactions. As dialogues flow freely between now and August 4, you’ll have time to devote to areas of your life you’ve been neglecting amid any turmoil. Revive writing and multimedia projects that got shelved. You could have something to launch by the end of the summer! See the full week >

Gemini (May 21 – June 20)

Are your friends a reflection of your highest self…or your Achilles heel? Healing Chiron turns retrograde (backward) on Saturday—a journey that starts in your eleventh house of social networks. You might realize that you’ve aligned with certain people who trigger your insecurities. Or maybe you have a few “coattail jockeys” coasting along on YOUR accomplishments. During this cycle, you may pull back, choosing to spend your precious free hours with kindred spirits who operate on your wavelength. By December 15, when Chiron corrects course, you could be surrounded by a truly supportive squad. Money mysteries begin to clear up on Sunday as Mercury, which has been retrograde since June 18, pivots back into direct motion. As the speedy planet corrects course, your professional momentum perks up again. Be proactive by setting up pitch meetings or signing up for income-boosting training sessions. Even a casual conversation with a successful friend could yield potential work opportunities. Bonus: Mercury will stay parked in your second house of financial status until August 4. Cut out a few expenses, and you can flush with cash in no time. See the full week >

Cancer Daily Horoscope
Cancer (June 21 – July 22)

Want to put more soul into your goals? When wounded healer Chiron turns retrograde on Saturday in your ambitious tenth house, plunge into your feelings and explore hidden possibilities for creating a deeper connection to your work. Even if this provokes a mini-existential crisis, the emotions that come up are the key to the next stage of your journey. Maybe you crave more recognition or meaning from your day-to-day endeavors. You could work with a life coach or take an online course that can help you clarify. Or just do some serious soul-searching between now and December 15 without rushing to quit your day job. Remember, Crab: This is a process! Communication breakdowns begin to clear up on Sunday as messenger Mercury ends an aggravating retrograde. It’s never easy when the expressive planet shifts into reverse and makes you feel like you’re talking on a cell phone with barely one bar. This last cycle, which started on June 18, has been particularly bumpy since Mercury reversed through YOUR sign the whole time. Today, you can lift the gag order, Cancer, as Mercury moves forward in your first house of self and new beginnings, where it will lend momentum until August 4. Press “go” on anything you put on hold and bring more of your authentic self to all of it! See the full week >

Leo (July 23 – August 22)

When the student is ready, the teacher appears. On Saturday, “wounded healer” Chiron pivots retrograde in your ninth house of wisdom, faith and metaphysical teachings. What is the greater lesson that the universe wants you to learn, Leo? Challenging or painful experiences could signal the need for a profound life change between now and December 15. During this cycle, you may question a deeply held belief. Allow yourself to release it as you consider new perspectives that fit the person you’ve become. A few uphill battles you’ve been fighting will end this Sunday when mental Mercury pivots out of a three-week retrograde and powers forward in your twelfth house of rest, healing and closure. This foggy time, which began June 18 in Cancer and your solitary twelfth house, may have left you feeling isolated and exhausted. As the communication planet moves forward today, start untangling the crossed wires and silly misunderstandings. You’ll also get a jolt of momentum by meditating or doing any therapeutic work that will help get all those stalled initiatives back in motion! See the full week >

Virgo (August 23 – September 22)


Go deep, Virgo. On Saturday, healing Chiron turns retrograde (backward) in your eighth house of intimacy and emotional bonds. Between now and December 15, you may reconnect to some pain about a betrayal, an old love or unresolved wound. Use this time to process any lingering emotions around this matter. You could find yourself thinking about a departed loved one or have a recurring dream during this cycle. Perhaps there’s a message that’s trying to come through. If you’re curious, you could speak to a (highly regarded) medium or try meditation and journaling to tune in to these subconscious clues. Jammed signals start clearing up on Sunday as your ruler, Mercury, pivots out of a three-week retrograde that began on June 18 in Cancer and your eleventh house of teamwork and tech. If you felt like your connectivity dropped during this befuddling backspin, don’t stress. Starting today, you can log back into life and start connecting to people at fiber-optic speed again. Finally, you’ll be able to request and receive everything you need, from a phone upgrade to a productive team meeting. If you’ve been unclear who’s got your back on Team Virgo, you’ll soon witness people’s true colors. Take note! See the full week >

Libra (September 23 – October 22)

Are you avoiding pain around a past relationship—or maybe your current one? Healer-feeler Chiron turns retrograde in your partnership house on Saturday, pushing you to explore deeper issues around your closest ties. Perhaps you fear getting too close to others. If so, this is the time to really ask yourself why. (And no, Libra, it’s not because “people can’t be trusted” or whatever self-protective reason you’ve made up.) Working with a therapist or spiritual teacher could help you get to the heart of this inner conflict between now and December 15. As you shift your energy, the people around you may “miraculously” change theirs. Career chaos begins to dissipate on Sunday, as Mercury wraps up a grueling three-week retrograde in Cancer that’s rattled your career zone since June 18. Beginning today, you can restore order to the Libra court while getting back in sync with colleagues and friends. Upgrade your gadgets and send out a request for a back-to-business kickoff meeting. Let everyone know that productivity starts now, and take personal accountability for your team’s results. Some promising new recruits to the squad could pop up, so stay open! See the full week >

Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)

Have you gotten a little too obsessive about your health or another control-related matter? On Saturday, healing Chiron turns retrograde (backward) in your work and wellness sector, calling for a more balanced approach to daily routines. It’s smart to be up on the benefits of a plant-based diet and foam rollers, for example. But if you’re approaching your practices from a place of fear, use this cycle to turn the tide. The same goes for any micromanaging that you’re doing. Are you afraid everything will fall apart if you don’t keep a tight grip? Seek a more empowered way to deal with this matter before Chiron pivots forward on December 15. Your foggy notions about the future may start to dissipate on Sunday as mischievous Mercury’s retrograde, which began on June 18, comes to a blessed finale. As the communication planet back-pedaled through your ninth house of exploration and expansion you may have experienced snafus with long-distance associates or travel plans. Your well-meaning words might have gotten lost in translation, possibly provoking some snark. Put it all behind you now. As Mercury moves forward in sensitive Cancer until August 4, you can lock down that family visit and start speaking your truth in a more heartfelt manner. See the full week >

Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21)

What are you camouflaging, Sagittarius? Deep-diving Chiron turns retrograde (backward) on Saturday in your fifth house of passion and self-expression, helping you embrace some of the traits you keep under lock and key. If you tend to play the comedian to throw people off your trail, it’s time to stop hiding behind the jokes. Between now and December 15, go even further with breaking down the barriers to being authentically you. Own your “weird” side—celebrate it, even! Chances are, others will revel in your realness. And if they don’t, why are you hanging out with them anyway? On Sunday, get back in sync with your closest partners in life, love and…everything! Tension may have erupted when communicator Mercury went retrograde on June 18 and retreated through Cancer and your intimate eighth house. Maybe you’ve felt the weight of romantic upheaval or crossed wires with colleagues. With Mercury back on track in Cancer until August 4, you can start ironing out the kinks in a shaky joint venture and repairing key relationships. The last three weeks haven’t been easy, but you can learn from them by identifying and alleviating the stressors that conflated conflicts into crises. Much-needed heart-to-hearts will pave the way to harmony and understanding. See the full week >

Capricorn (December 22 – January 19)

Time to repair some family wounds? Healing Chiron turns retrograde (backward) in your domestic fourth house on Saturday, giving you deeper access to your own inner child. Experiences from your early life may be informing your choices as an adult in ways that aren’t benefiting you. Between now and December 15, find healthy ways to process those experiences so they no longer hold you back. Perhaps you need to mend a rift or do more to nurture your bond with a loved one. A relationship with a parent or child might require similar attention. Does your home feel like a sacred oasis? Use these next few months to add some TLC. If you’ve been having not-so-secret doubts about your closest relationships, whether in love or business, you can blame those uninvited thoughts on Mercury retrograde. Since June 18, the messenger planet has been reversing through Cancer and your partnership zone. With Mercury back on track starting Sunday, you can cooperate effectively to find solutions—and even have fun doing it. But no more mincing words. Before August 4, confront the people or address the situations that have been contributing to your angst. Remember, Capricorn: dialogues, not diatribes! See the full week >

Aquarius (January 20 – February 18)

Do you know how brilliant you are, Aquarius? Starting Saturday and lasting until December 15, “wounded healer” Chiron will be retrograde (backward)—a retreat that begins in your communication house. Old insecurities could flare up around expressing yourself. Maybe you find yourself tongue-tied at a meeting or flustered when someone wants to move past small talk. Perhaps you realize that way too many of your conversations are stuck at the superficial level or center around complaining. Whatever the case, this is an ideal cycle to practice speaking from the heart, even if your voice shakes a little when you do. Sunday brings a reminder of the importance of self-care as mindful Mercury pivots out of retrograde. Since June 18, the messenger planet has been napping in your sixth house of health and organization. If you’ve been feeling the effects of all that signal-scrambling in the form of stress-related meltdowns and fatigue, it’s time for a change. Reconfigure your schedule so you can spend more rejuvenating time in the sunshine between now and August 4! See the full week >

Pisces Daily Horoscope

Pisces (February 19 – March 20)

On Saturday, deep-diving Chiron turns retrograde in your second house of finances and self-worth, engaging you in an epic transformation. Everyone has some form of money issues, and they can actually be a helpful lightning rod, revealing where you lack security or trust. For example, do you feel the universe will provide the right opportunities for you, or are you constantly afraid that the other shoe is about to drop? Reflect on some of your early memories; these play a huge role in shaping limiting beliefs. Working with a financial planner or money coach can get your bank account in fighting shape by December 15! On Sunday, Mercury snaps out of retrograde after mucking up matters in Cancer and your passionate fifth house since June 18. An ex may have returned to cause trouble, or maybe you’ve just felt distant from bae. In all social situations, people have gotten under your skin more than ever. Today, Mercury moves forward again, helping you make amends or just start fresh with a more fitting romantic interest. Soon, you’ll be ready to embrace a healthy relationship—or bring some stability to the one you’re already in. See the full week >

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