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Keep it brief and get to the point! Communicator Mercury enters Areis until April 27.






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Aries Daily Horoscope by The AstroTwins
Aries (March 21 – April 19)

Your razor-sharp mind gets a creative reboot today as communication planet Mercury beams into Aries until April 27. You may not be able to capture all the brainstorms that come flooding in during this once-a-year visit, but keep track of as many as possible and file them away for a later date. Your outspoken sign is rarely reticent about voicing opinions, but don’t let things slip out unedited for the next three weeks. Some of your unfiltered comments could hurt someone irrevocably. See the full week >

Taurus (April 20- May 20)

Set up that meditation mat and home studio. As expressive Mercury flits into Aries and activates your introspective, imaginative twelfth house until April 27, you may get a wakeup call from your muse. Working in quiet spaces helps you to tap into your own source of creativity, but just keeping an open channel could pull in divinely inspired downloads. Whatever your metier—painting, music-making, writing—keep the tools of your trade within easy reach. Try a 21-day meditation challenge or book a healing treatment with a practitioner who does distance work or webinar sessions. See the full week >

Gemini (May 21 – June 20)

Keep the webcam fired up and your WhatsApp notifications a-chiming. As your ruling planet, garrulous Mercury, zips into Aries and your eleventh house of group activity, you’ll be craving all the connection you can get. With this tech-savvy zone activated, you might even kick off your own IGTV or YouTube channel, interviewing fascinating people by split screen. Got some content to share, media to make? Hash out some hashtags and start posting on a regular schedule. Geminis who prefer to create magic behind the scenes could get lost in the rabbit hole of learning new software—anything from Photoshop to podcast engineering will do. See the full week >

Cancer Daily Horoscope
Cancer (June 21 – July 22)

Calling all entrepreneurial Crabs! Today, messenger Mercury zips into Aries and your career corner until April 27, pinging your inner mogul. Innovative ways to earn and feed la familia could crop up as this savvy cycle helps you stay nimble in the “new economy.” You’re a magnet for successful people, so network virtually by joining online mastermind groups. This is a great time to DM people you started talking shop with earlier in 2020. You never know which ones might develop into profitable professional partnerships. See the full week >

Leo (July 23 – August 22)

The truth shall set you free! Messenger Mercury wings into Aries and activates your candid ninth house until April 27. Share your honest feedback at every opportunity, but be sure to serve it with a heaping dose of tact. People ARE a lot more sensitive these days, and with good reason, Leo. Delivering your message softly can help ensure that you get through to people. This outspoken transit can make you quick-witted, but don’t waste all that articulate energy on WhatsApp threads. Map out the chapter outline of that novel or memoir; get the business plan rolling on that new home-based venture. See the full week >


Virgo (August 23 – September 22)

Hello, video chat vixen! Today, your cosmic ruler, Mercury, flits into your erotic eighth house until April 27, inviting you to seduce with abandon. Separated from the one you j’adore? Wooing by webcam might just force you to be MORE creative with your courtship rituals—and spicier with your sexting. Are you and bae on lockdown together? The closeness can be titillating, but you’ll also need blocks of private time. Create a “pod” for yourself so you can slip off as needed. See the full week >

Libra (September 23 – October 22)

Hello, spring awakening. Messenger Mercury flips your love light on as it slinks into fiery Aries and your seventh house of relationships until April 27. Your mission: Finding clever ways of being “separate but together” with the people you care about most. Setting up a nightly check-in can help you stay connected—even if you ARE living under the same roof. If you’re pondering a joint business venture, draft a contract or another official agreement to spell out the terms, particularly if money is involved. Putting it in writing is a great safety net, potentially sparing you the drama/trauma of misunderstandings. See the full week >

Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)

Ready to spring into spring-cleaning? Today, detail-oriented Mercury ziplines into Aries until April 27, sparking the urge to tidy up, declutter, reorganize and REBOOT your routines and systems. This is the distraction everyone needs at this moment in history. Over the next few weeks, you’ll be equal parts efficiency expert and DIY doyenne. You can bring mastery to your mission by letting your crafty side out to play. (Who says closet arranging isn’t an art form?) This Mercury phase also revs up your fitness mojo. Is a favorite teacher or trainer doing a 30-day challenge? Jump in! See the full week >

Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21)

Sure, Sagittarius, you could keep on wearing PJs 24/7 and no one would say a word. But today, as messenger Mercury wings into your glamorous fifth house until April 27, you might decide to start dressing up a little more often, as a matter of self-care. During this romance-boosting cycle, feelings could take a turn for the amorous. If you can’t get a date night IN on the books, do what Archers do best—keep fostering a powerful friendship that evolves into something more intimate. This Mercury cycle can also draw public attention and help you build a fanbase. More reason to be camera-ready at a moment’s notice! See the full week >

Capricorn (December 22 – January 19)

Home base will be a buzzing hive of activity for the next few weeks as messenger Mercury dips into Aries and your domestic fourth house. Before you’re off and running on a dozen projects, however, give yourself some well-earned downtime. Sit, rest, eat nourishing meals and catch up on your Netflix queue. Once you feel calm, cool and collected, THEN go ahead and Konmari your closets or get the garden started. Connecting with an old friend or relative will warm your heart and strengthen the ties that bind between now and April 27. Set up that Zoom reunion call already! See the full week >

Aquarius (January 20 – February 18)

Plug in that podcasting mic! Articulate Mercury flits into Aries and your third house of communication today, supercharging your inborn gift of gab until April 27. With all the wise and witty things you have to say, it’s high time you actually recorded some—and maybe shared them with the world already? Mercury gives a special boost to all writing projects now. Get going on that memoir or those blog entries. The third house rules local activity. Are there ways you could be more cooperative with your neighbors? New ideas for sharing and caring will emerge. See the full week >

Pisces Daily Horoscope

Pisces (February 19 – March 20)

Mind your money, Pisces, before it gets funny. Impulse buys are almost a competitive sport for your cash-flowy sign, but for the next few weeks, as analytical Mercury tours your second house of finances, you can tighten your belt AND get serious about a savings plan. Start by expunging all unnecessary splurges from your economic plan, and put the money you DIDN’T spend in a special savings account. Set a goal—enough to buy that one big-ticket “investment” piece, perhaps—and don’t touch it until you reach your magic number. See the full week >

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