Today I had a very interesting "scene" play out in my mind whilst listening to shamanic-type music on YouTube. My intention was to astral project and that is how I found the video that supposedly was very powerful, and my was it just that. Anyways, the reason I share this is because I would like to hear your thoughts on what this visualization could mean. Keep in mind that I am still trying to piece it together as it was very fast and "explosive" so to speak.

So within the first 20 minutes (it felt like 5) I experienced a light behind my eyelids that glowed brighter and brighter and then turned completely dark. At the same time, it felt like awareness was leaving and returning to my body constantly. This eventually calmed down and I entered the "stillness" that you achieve in a deep meditative state. Now I took this as a good sign that I was about to astral project but that's when the scene started playing out in my mind very intensely and sudden, almost like someone was implementing memories in my mind and I couldn't control it.

Now over to the scene, I flew to a corridor that was just floating freely in space. I opened the door and entered my "happy place" that I usually visit when I want to practice visualizing. The environment consists of a beautiful forest with an opening where there is a cabin and a lake. However this time there was a huge bonfire with tribal people dancing around it in the middle of the forest. I was suddenly pulled into the ring of dancing tribals by the chief. What really stuck to me was his face, I can't really remember if it was really wrinkly or if he had a mask made of wood but I got a very strong feeling of respect for him, as if he was my leader. I danced around the bonfire for a couple of seconds then I got pulled out by the chief and he looked me in the eyes and then threw me into the lake. Out of nowhere the lake became deep and dark just as huge sharks began swimming towards me. I have a huge fear of the deep ocean but in a matter of seconds I surrendered to my fear and I suddenly started levitating above the lake. I then got thrown against the cabin wall with incredible force. The tribal chief then appeared in front of me and blew some dust in my face and I began seing vivid colours as if I was drugged and that's where the scene stopped. I know for a fact that this wasn't a dream or an astral projection as I was completely conscious and aware of my physical body during this experience.

Now as I said before, this scene was extremely explosive and completely uncontrolled by my mind, this all happened within a minute. For some reason I felt forced to just observe without interfering, almost like how people explain their dmt trips. Now I would like to hear your thoughts on this, I also strongly recommend listening to the music and see if you experience anything, you can find it below.


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