This is Rasa Lukosiute, welcome to your meditation. I am pleased you have joined me today for this chakra healing meditation. Chakras are spiritual centers in our bodies that energy flows through. Imagine them as a wheel or vortex. It is important that we keep our chakras open and clear to allow the energy to flow freely. It is said that blocked or closed chakras can cause emotional and physical ailments. Let us begin… Find a space where you can make yourself comfortable, somewhere peaceful, relaxed and safe. You can choose to sit or lie down for this meditation, whichever best suits you. If you are sitting make sure your back and legs are supported, your spine straight. If you are sitting cross-legged, rest your arms on your knees; otherwise gently rest your hands in your lap.

Firstly, take a moment to notice your surroundings, feel your body as you are sat or lay; the support of the chair or bed, the floor beneath your feet. Notice any sounds, maybe a passing car, the sound of voices, rainfall or the wind blowing through the trees… connect into this moment right now. When you are ready, gently close your eyes and bring your focus to your breathing. Just begin by taking a few deep breaths, breathing deeply in through the nose and out through the nose. Feel the sensation of breathing. Gently in…. and out…. allowing the breath to travel all the way down into your belly, notice the gentle rise and fall of your chest and belly, like a balloon, inflating on the in breath and deflating gently on the out breath… That’s it, gently in… taking that breath all the way to the tummy…… and out… There is nothing for you to do… just be here in this moment… If at any point you become distracted during this peaceful time, either by your own thoughts, a sound, people talking or laughter, don’t worry, just acknowledge the sound and let it go, gently bring your focus back to your breath…..

Always come back to the breath…. Know that you deserve this time for yourself….. Relax your entire body, feel yourself comfortingly heavy, you are being held and supported. Feeling entirely relaxed now as you allow yourself to focus upon your inner journey. Now in your mind bring a sensory visualization of our Universal energy, which is pure and mighty; it can cut through and dissolve all energy blocks instantly. Make an intention to connect to this Universal energy and for its power to assist you with your chakra cleansing process.

Invite this loving and powerful energy, through your breath into your body as we visit each chakra. Bring your awareness to your pelvic area, the very base of your spine; this is where your first chakra, the root chakra is located. The color of this chakra is red. Begin to gently cleanse the root chakra by holding your focus in this area, softly breathing in and out. Your focus remains at your root chakra as any blockages melt away and your root chakra is now cleansed and feeling clear. Feel the energy flow to and through your pelvic area. Let go of any insecurities, anxiety and fears you may have… Let it all go on each out breath…. Now imagine the roots of a tree growing from your pelvic area going deep into the ground, these roots are a beautiful radiant red color… they keep on growing deep, deep into the earth, this gives you great stability, a sense of peace and security….

Allow the healing red energy to revitalize your root chakra and silently repeat, ‘I am enough just as I am’ as you continue your focus and gently breathe. Moving your awareness up slightly now, to your lower abdomen; this is where your second chakra, the sacral chakra is located. The color of this chakra is orange. Cleansing the sacral chakra now by gently holding your focus in this area, taking rhythmic breaths in….. and out. Your focus remains at your sacral chakra as it is cleansed and any blockages are cleared. Let go of any commitment issues, any creative blocks, and any addictions that may have been affecting you… Imagine a vibrant sunset is sending healing orange energy to you, this is the most sensational sunset you have ever seen, as you stand before it, the healing orange energy flows easily to you… Feelings of wellness, abundance, fun and pleasure flow into your sacral chakra.

Allow the healing orange energy to flow and silently repeat ‘I am radiant, beautiful and strong’ Your awareness moves now to your upper abdomen, this is your third chakra called the solar plexus. The color of this chakra is yellow. Holding your focus on the area of your upper abdomen now, invite the clearing power of universal energy and begin the cleansing process of your solar plexus. Breathe… Your focus remains at your solar plexus as it is cleansed and any blockages are cleared. Softly breathing in and out…. Letting go of any feelings of low self-esteem, and fears of rejection, whether or not they relate to your personal or professional life…


Imagine pure sunshine shining directly into your solar plexus. The sun is vibrant and abundant in the sky and the healing yellow rays flow freely to you, filling you solar plexus entirely. Feelings of self- confidence, self-acceptance, compassion and purpose encompass you. Allow the healing yellow energy to re-energize your solar plexus chakra and silently repeat, ‘I am confident and worthy’ Draw your awareness now to the center of your upper chest to your fourth chakra, this is your heart chakra. The color of the heart chakra is green. Begin to cleanse the heart chakra by holding your focus in this area whilst gently breathing in and out. As you continue breathing in and out allow the out breath to carry away any feelings of anger, jealousy or bitterness you may have been holding onto… Your focus remains at your solar plexus as it is cleansed and any blockages are dissolving away… Now imagine a wonderful emerald green field stretching out before you, it is abundant and lush and stretches as far as your eyes can see in all directions.

The healing emerald green energy flows directly into your heart center. Feelings of love, gratitude and acceptance begin and continue to fill your heart chakra. Allow the healing green energy to flow freely to you and silently repeat ‘I love and I am loved unconditionally’. Now moving up to your throat center, this is the fifth chakra, the throat chakra. The color of this chakra is blue. As you hold your focus on your throat center the gentle, yet thorough cleansing of the throat chakra begins. Your focus remains at your throat chakra as it is cleansed and any blockages are being cleared. Allowing your outbreath to carry away any feeling of not being heard, having little or no willpower or feeling like you have no choice in matters… just let it all of that go…. Imagine the brightest blue sky; there isn’t a cloud in sight, just the pure expanse of the most beautiful blue…

The clear blue energy flows directly into your throat chakra. Feelings of clear communication and self-expression, speaking with love, kindness and truth flow to you. Allowing the healing blue energy to flow directly to your throat chakra and silently repeat ‘I speak my truth clearly’ Bringing your awareness up to your forehead, in between your eyebrows, this is your sixth chakra and it is called your third eye chakra. The color of this chakra is indigo. Begin to cleanse the third eye chakra by holding your focus and the Universal energy flowing into this area. Your focus remains at your third eye chakra as it is beginning to function to its full capacity, spinning smoothly and blockages are dissolving. Again using your breath, let go of any feeling of disconnect, maybe you have been unable to take in information or refused to accept help and learn from others… Now imagine looking into the deepest blue ocean, the water is crystal clear and the shade of indigo is so vivid, it is striking….

Accept the indigo energy as it flows directly into your third eye chakra. You begin to feel connected, able to think more clearly and make better decisions. Your level of imagination, intuition and wisdom are renewed and upgraded. Allowing the healing indigo blue energy to fill your third eye chakra and silently repeating, ‘I am wise’. Moving your awareness now the very top of your head, this is where your seventh chakra, the crown chakra is located. The color of this chakra is violet. Again, allowing your focus to gently rest in this area… and as you focus on the top of your head the crown chakra is now being cleansed. Your focus remains at your crown chakra as it is cleansed and any blockages are cleared. As you continue to use your breath, you let go of any feelings of confusion and rigid limiting beliefs, just allow them to float away… Imagine a violet light filling your crown; it is so beautiful and peaceful… The violet energy permeates your entire crown chakra. You are filled with inner and outer beauty and feelings of bliss and oneness was over you. You trust your inner guidance. Allowing the violet light to shine brightly upon your crown whilst silently repeating, ‘I am complete and connected to Universal oneness’.

Remaining in this state of pure bliss… Become aware of a bright white light shining above your head, it is shining down upon you; this is the downward flow of all-encompassing universal energy… Visualize and feel it flowing through you connecting all of your chakra points…. See in your mind’s eye each of your chakra points light up as the pure white light travels downward… Violet…. Indigo…. Blue…. Green…. Yellow… Orange and Red… Now feel the Earth’s magnetic field, this field of magnetic energy travels upward connecting each of your chakra points as it flows… feel the tingling of the Earth’s energy as it travels upward… every cell in your body is alive with sensation… The universal energy and Earth’s magnetic field together, provide you a protective shield. Your seven chakras are now cleansed, balanced and in harmony. Now as this healing chakra meditation comes to a close remember to be gentle with yourself, treat yourself with loving kindness… Taking a nice big deep breath now… Feel yourself sat or lay where you began…..

Feel the weight of your body anchor you back into the here and now… come back into the room. Notice the sounds in the room and any sounds from outside…. Gently, begin to move…. begin to wiggle your fingers and your toes….. Maybe, have a nice stretch… And when you are ready to do so, gently open your eyes…. With love..

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