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Choosing Launch Dates With Astrology


Choosing Launch Dates With Astrology

Together with my friends and colleagues Joanne Madeline Moore and Stephanie Johnson, in Melbourne, I recently launched The Sun Sign School. It is a new course, mostly online, designed to train professional astrologers the art of writing solar sign (Sun Sign) prediction. It is also for absolute beginners who want to find out how it’s done.

Naturally, we looked for a number of different birth times and places. In the internet age, if your business is partly or even wholly virtual, you can do that. In fact, Stephanie’s Astro Gold and Solar Fire computer software is ideal for finding a virtual birth place as well as a time and date.

Using The Sun Sign School as a Guinea Pig

Using our Sun Sign School as a guinea pig (it launches in Los Angeles on Thursday 23rd May at 11.55pm) we look to the signs of the zodiac which dominate the chart to see what we want.

This is true for your business too. Look at what the signs rule. The Sun Sign School is about famous media astrologers and cutting-edge software developers, so that’s Gemini. We chose a date with the Sun in Gemini and Mercury (the messenger) in Gemini too. The Sun is at 2 Gemini and Mercury is at 6 Gemini when we launch. As this is a global group enterprise made of up of like-minded friends and amigos in the astrology world we also chose the Moon in Aquarius.

At launch minute, we will have the Moon at 6 Aquarius trine Mercury at 6 Gemini. In astrology a trine is a flow. So we have perfect ‘flow’ here between this global circle of outstanding astrologers in the media, training others to also use the media, and in a spirit of collaboration and co-operation.

Matching Patterns

This idea of flow comes up with matching patterns – the aspects – trines, sextiles, conjunctions and even grand trines – in the chart. So line up the numbers! And this is not only in the actual horoscope itself, as planet ‘speaks’ to planet, or asteroid ‘speaks’ to asteroid – it is also about your own chart.

I was born with Jupiter the lucky planet at 22 Taurus, the sign which rules charity, business and property. As we launch The Sun Sign School, I find Pluto the planet of power, in an exact trine at 22 Capricorn. And transiting (travelling) Jupiter is so close by at 21 Sagittarius making what is known as a quincunx aspect. This is historic. And that brings me to another rule, beyond comparing patterns to your own chart and those of your business allies.

Jupiter the Protector and Lucky Planet

Where possible, go for a day/time when travelling or transiting Jupiter is making exact or almost exact patterns (of any kind at all) with the other horoscope factors. And if you can manage to line that up with your own chart you will be in cosmic flow.

Jupiter is a protector! He is there to expand and increase, to help and support, in the horoscope. Yet he also has a reputation for being ‘Last Minute Larry’ in that he can pop in to help at the Eleventh House if there are any issues with your business.

For all the planning in the world, people can drop out. This happened to us with Susan Miller at The Sun Sign School. She changed her plans – so we had to change ours.

Thanks to our Jupiter-rich horoscope for the launch of The Sun Sign School in Los Angeles (where, incidentally, we will be having some exciting events in the future) we found ourselves with Debbie Frank on board to replace Susan.

Together with Penny Thornton, who needs no introduction either, we now have two dazzling stargazers who have a long career in the global astrology media – but have both also famously served as personal astrologers to Diana, the Princess of Wales. See what I mean about Jupiter?

Using Astrology to Help Flow

Using astrology to help ‘flow’ in this way is a really good idea. You are in synch with the horoscope. Again, using The Sun Sign School as an example, we find Jupiter (growth) at 21 Sagittarius (global thinking, publishing) almost exactly semi-sextile Saturn (serious building work) at 20 Capricorn (ambition). If you throw in Pluto at 22 Capricorn (a symbol of power and powerful compromise) also in Capricorn (success) you have a jaw-dropping ‘heavyweight’ horoscope.

Now, over to you. As we celebrate the official launch ‘birth’ of The Sun Sign School (remember to add your name to the waiting list if you haven’t already) I am happy to take some questions about your own personal birth chart. You will need to be a Premium Member so I can take a look, of course, but do remember to include the likely times/dates you are considering for launch.


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