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This program is hypnotic in nature and should never be used in an awakend state.

Close your eyes take a deep breathe take a second deep breathe on your third deep breathe hold it for about three seconds and exhale and relax.

Relax every part of your body starting from the top of your head all the way down to the bottom of your feet. And as you relax each part of your body I’d like you to use your imagination to visualize each part of your body.

Relax let go completely starting with the top of your head your scalp, your eyebrows and your eyelids.

Now feel that relaxation going down through your cheeks your nose relax your mouth especially all those muscles around your mouth and lips. Make sure your teeth are not clinched together just relax your chin and jaw all those muscles in your face.

Jjust let go as your neck relaxes starting with the front part of your neck and the back part all the way down your shoulders just feel your shoulders relax completely get rid of any tension that might be in your shoulder area.

It feels good to you you arms relaxed starting with your upper arms going down to your elbows – relax your wrists your hands the fingers.

Relax let go notice your breathing, regularly breathing has become so much more just few moments ago than when we began feel your breathing feel the rhythm of your breathing notice the contraction and expansion your diaphram your chest allow your chest muscles relax completely all the way down use Hypnosis Therapy For Depression

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