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Can anyone else tell me if these coincidences are too much to be “coincidences?”


Hi all 🙂 Not too sure I've posted here before, I usually just use reddit to read and take in information.

Been feeling lost/very lonely lately, in need of guidance, even just a simple sign to let me know I'm on the right path. I've been asking Spirit for a sign, even moreso begging my grandparents (who raised me and were the only family I've ever had or known, parents were never in the picture) to reach out and let me know they are with me and they're supporting me. SO – A few weeks ago I started noticing a lot of monarch butterflies (I've never noticed seeing actual monarchs more than once or twice a season) on my daily walks with my dogs. Literally 10-20 a walk… I walk my dogs 2x a day and walk a neighbors dog 1x a day. So I've been seeing A LOT. Was thinking "cool, positive sign" or what have you. Yesterday I had one actually fly up to me and land on me, fly around my body for a minute, and then fly away only to return and do the same exact thing prob 4x in abt 3-4 min. Next, I'm in my 'spot' in the woods I take my dogs to every morn, sitting on a rock and letting them do their thing sniffing around and what have you. I decided I wanted to meditate for even just a few min. As soon as I "dropped in," my mind was pulled out by 1 of my dogs who is absolutely 'sensitive' in certain ways, he was quietly growling looking at absolutely nothing, but wagging his tail at the same time. Looking back at me wagging his tail and looking back at this one spot, growing just enough to hear it – kind of like he was a bit confused about what he was seeing or sensing or whatever… He is a beagle/golden ret. mix and his beagle nose always has him looking for and nosing out little animals. So I asked him "what is it? what do you see? lets go over and see whats there" and I went with him over to where he was looking at, thinking I'd have to hold the leash tight because he would prob find a chipmunk underneath a log or something. But he literally checked out the whole area, and nothing. He then started looking at the same spot again and just wagging his tail and doing his just 1 bark, he does that when hes just like "hey! im excited!" (barking once and just looking at me with his tail going). So I thought of the butterflies, and I said "Pa & Nana, if that was you guys, or one of you, PLEASE GIVE ME A SIGN so I know for sure it was you" lo and behold, I saw about 7 dragonflies throughout the rest of the day, seeing the 1st almost immediately after asking for a sign. Before the walk was over I saw a Cardinal. (BTW- Dragonflies & Cardinals were absolutely magical to my grandmother, she just LOVED them)

Can I probably be sure these were definitely signs from my deceased loved ones?


TLDR; Been feeling lost. Asked for my deceased grandparents to send me a sign that they are with me. Started seeing lots of monarch butterflies. Dog sees something in the woods while I'm meditating, but wasn't acting the same as if it was an animal or something. He acted like he didn't really know what it was, but was looking back and forth from me to one particular spot right near us, while wagging his tail and looking happy. Asked grandparents to send me a sign if that was them. I almost immediately saw a dragonfly (and about 6 more throughout day) and saw a Cardinal this day also. – Dragonflies & Cardinals were my grandmothers absolute favorite animals (I'd almost say they were prob her spirit animals, she was into shamanism I THINK, judging by how things about her I didnt think about when I was that young) and she was mesmerized whenever she saw them. Was this them?

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