The Aquarius new moon on January 24 (at 4:42 PM EST) breezes into the sign that rules community, technology and our highest humanitarian ideals. This Aquarius new moon ritual can help keep you calm.

by The AstroTwins

Aquarius is an air sign that’s symbolized by waves, but those are not necessarily meant to indicate water. Energy and sound also travel in waves through the air, which is why this moon’s exercise involves breath work! During the Aquarius new moon (and during Aquarius Season in particular), you may feel overloaded. This Aquarius new moon ritual helps you work through any chaos by using your breath.

Ritual: Long Deep Breathing

This breath work exercise comes from kundalini yoga, a modality that revitalizes and increases life force energy— just like the uplifting sign of Aquarius. Calm, long deep breathing can activate both the Third Eye and Crown chakras associated with Aquarius.

The goal is to do this exercise as slowly as possible—and this may take practice. With less than six breaths per minute, the Third Eye chakra is said to be awakened, while fewer than four breaths per minute will activate the Crown chakra.


Seat yourself in a comfortable position, maybe on a floor cushion
Rest the tip of your tongue on the roof of your mouth
As slowly as possible, inhale through your nose while keep keeping your mouth open, filling your chest, diaphragm and abdomen with air
Pause and hold the inhalation for a beat
Exhale slowly from your nose, emptying out all the air from your body
Enjoy the high-minded downloads this exercise awakens!

Other ideas for an Aquarius new moon ritual: 

Change the air quality of your home or office with an air purifier, dehumidifier or an essential oil diffuser
Aquarius is the sign of community, so try participating in a new group activity (the quirkier or geekier, the better!)
Join an activist or community service group, or signup for a volunteer shift
If it’s time for a new computer or to update your system software, spend the day getting your technology up to snuff
Aquarius rules the calves and ankles, maybe shop for shoes that are stylish but also give great support

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