by Matthew Swann, Financial, Geopolitical Astrology
Twitter: @blackswann1111

As precious metals gold and silver will ride the selloff/stimulus rollercoaster this coming year before resuming their steady climb, I predict Bitcoin will see once-in-lifetime parabolic gains beginning December 2020 as FOMO grips the global markets. Many major financial institutions will go “all-in” as they reallocate out of declining positions in the ensuing fiscal quarters, continuing over the course of many years. I predict that Bitcoin will eventually reach a price of ten million yuan (CNY 10,000,000.00), a price that is reflected in present US Dollar terms of $1.5 million between 2025 and 2027 during the unfolding of the Aquarian Technocalypse.

Do not be surprised to see Bitcoin rise in robust legs of 10K+ in the immediate, short term and long term intermixed with savage profit-taking as it’s the only major “hard” currency rising compared to debased fiat currencies like the US stimulus dollar. Given the mining constraints of Bitcoin and the global demand, the mother of all supply shocks will drive Bitcoin to dizzying price levels, equaled only by its volatility. Everyone will be a buyer. Everyone will covet and place in cold storage the hearty Capricorn-ruled Bitcoin. Period.

With Bitcoin fast becoming the next alternative reserve asset, expect stalwart gold to rise $1,000 each year, eventually surpassing $6,000 by 2025 and beyond, depending on rate of deflationary forces on the US Dollar. (Black Swann Idea: Viewing gold in relation to its purchasing power not its $ price is wise.)

Any nation-state conflict will likely send the “barbarous relic” yellow metal to surge. In the coming volatility, $10,000+ gold price will not be out of the question as its yoked to barbaric human conflict.

Look for gold to eventually achieve 1-1 parity with the DOW after the Everything Bubble collapses during the Aquarian Technocalypse.


Thank you,

Matthew Swann

November 22, 2020
Twitter: @blackswann1111

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