As you meditate, you can find yourself having a hard time becoming completely relaxed.

Most VarietyDharma Store Tibetan Singing Bowl SetDharma Store Tibetan Singing Bowl Set

Beautiful Ornate Designs. This is a great yoga bowl set that comes with prayer flags, and it is handmade in Nepal. It comes in eight styles and colors to fit your aesthetic, boasting the most variety of all our selections listed here.

What We Liked:

We liked the variety of colors as well as designs with this yoga sound bowl. Whether you’re looking for a bright purple or a traditional black, you can get what your heart desires. Easily choose a style that symbolizes you and visually transports you to a serene place. Get it here.

Highest QualitySilent Mind Tibetan Singing Bowl SetSilent Mind Tibetan Singing Bowl Set

High Quality Etched Design. This high-quality yoga sound bowl comes in five styles and colors. It’s easy to use and produces long-lasting sounds that rival even the bigger yoga sound bowls.

What We Liked:

Many sound bowls are painted, but we liked that this one made by Silent Mind has its designs etched into the bowl itself. This will preserve the beautiful designs and allow for continuous use. It also comes with a user’s guide e-book, which is great for beginners who need to know how to use the sound bowl. Buy it now.

Best for BeginnersInnovahome your first yoga singing bowl setInnovahome your first yoga singing bowl set

Perfect for Starting Out. The simplistic design of this yoga sound bowl is perfect for a newbie. It comes in three colors for the cushions.


What We Liked:

This yoga sound bowl is simple yet beautiful. It has no-frills when it comes to the design but creates the sounds you are looking for. If you are new to using yoga sound bowls then this one is made for you. You’ll be on your way to better practice and peace in no time! Get it here.

Best On the GoOhm Meditation Sound BowlOhm Meditation Sound Bowl

Travel-Friendly. It’s durable and simple, which is ideal for on-the-go use. It comes either alone or with a nice gift box to give to someone you think would enjoy it.

What We Liked:

This sound bowl is 3.5 inches, making it the best option for traveling. Whether you’re on vacation, hiking, or taking it to yoga class, this sound bowl can come with you anywhere. It’s very durable, so you don’t have to worry about it being ruined in transport. Get it here.

Most MinimalistReehut Tibetan Meditation Yoga Singing BowlReehut Tibetan Meditation Yoga Singing Bowl

Simple, Beautiful Design. The Reehut sound bowl offers a beautifully minimalistic design that anyone will enjoy. It comes in one design and color for straightforward use.

What We Liked:

This sound bowl is simple yet has an appealing design. Expect clarity and tranquility with this pick. It is a great piece to have in your home, and it plays the best sounds that will have you relaxed. We like that the design of the bowl shows off the fact that it’s handmade. You’ll see slight differences in every bowl because each is unique! Buy it here.

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