Anyone who’s done pilates for a while (or hey, even a few minutes) knows that the workout option can be hard on your wrists.

Best for Gym RatsWrist Wraps by Wise Wrist Wraps by Wise

Durable and Versatile. This wristband will become a staple among your workout gear and is sure to prove invaluable in not only pilates but other areas of your life!

What We Liked: 

This wrist wrap by Wise is a lightweight brace that’s intended to minimize the pain you might feel in your wrist from overuse, while stabilizing your wrist in order to prevent any further injury. The wrap is totally adjustable, retains heat, and can be used either on your left or right hand. It works on men, women, and children, no matter your hand size. While it’s perfect for pilates, we found it was great for plenty of other sports and activities as well – from yoga to tennis, to weightlifting to simply typing at your computer. Buy it here.

Best for Budget ShoppersNeo G Multi Zone Compression Sleeve Neo G Multi Zone Compression Sleeve

Save and See the Difference. This medical-grade wristband is lightweight, breathable, and preferred for those who already experience wrist pain and want both pain relief and protection from further injuries.


What We Liked: 

This unisex compression sleeve is snug yet very breathable and lightweight. Despite the sleeve being medically engineered, it’s still budget-friendly. In addition to aiding recovery from hand or wrist injuries, the sleeve also provides stability for those with weak wrists and hands. The fabric controls moisture (no more sweaty hands) and is durable. Special precaution has been taken to reduce skin irritation, making this product suitable for daily use. Ding: The sleeve only comes in three sizes: small, medium and large. Get them here.

Best for BeginnersWrist Support Brace by UmbrellaWrist Support Brace by Umbrella

Easy to Use. This wristband is simple, adjustable, and easy to use for anyone, so you can get back to your pilates session faster.

What We Liked: 

This wristband is easily one of the simplest to use. Just strap it on and go. It’s made from one strip of cotton and spandex fabric that hooks around the wrist only, using hook and eye technology. So, there are no worries about whether or not the band will fit around your fingers or hand. To adjust the compression, you just loosen the fabric. That’s it. There are no extra straps or clasps to figure out. Just wrap the band around your wrist and you’re on your way. Buy it here.

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