Meditation cushions can provide you with proper support to enable the correct body alignment, posture, and comfort needed to enhance your practice. When selecting a meditation cushion, look for a pillow that will provide the right height to keep your body aligned comfortably, along with the appropriate level of support.

Best Oval-ShapedBrentwood Home Crystal Cove Meditation CushionBrentwood Home Crystal Cove Meditation Cushion

Buckwheat Filled. This oval meditation cushion allows you to customize the firmness and height by enabling you to remove or add more buckwheat pillow fill as needed.

What We Liked

This oval-shaped meditation cushion can help enhance your practice by providing a comfortable yet firm and supportive pillow, so you can maintain proper body alignment. The exterior cover is made from a soft stretch knit that you can remove and wash. The pillow is filled with all-natural buckwheat hulls to create a firm base that adjusts to your body, so you remain comfortable. The hulls are contained in an inner liner, so you don’t have to worry about them spilling out. The cushion is 18 inches long, 13 inches wide, and six inches high. It weighs four pounds and comes with a handle for easy carrying. This product is made in the United States. We liked that the fill level of this bolster is easily adjustable to suit your needs and that it comes with an easy to wash cover and a sturdy carrying handle.  Buy Today.

Best OverallFlorensi Meditation CushionFlorensi Meditation Cushion

Velvet Meditation Cushion. This large velvet meditation pillow is filled with buckwheat hull to provide firm, comfortable support that will last over time.

What We Liked

This round meditation pillow helps keep your spine aligned due to the buckwheat hull fill and one-inch foam. You can add or remove buckwheat to adjust the pillow height to your needs. The buckwheat is treated with high heat to prevent infestation, which can occur with other buckwheat hull products. The soft, vegan velvet cover is removable and machine washable for easy care. This extra-large cushion is 16 inches in diameter and five inches high — perfect for meditation practice or even as a floor cushion. It comes with a built-in handle to make transporting it easy. In addition, the design printed on the grey cover is inspired by the mandala lotus flower and fits well with most decors. We liked that this yoga bolster has a soft velvet exterior that’s easy to clean, has quality support from the adjustable buckwheat and foam, and has a convenient handle. Available on Amazon.


Eco-Friendly FillWaterglider International Zafu Yoga Meditation Pillow with USA Buckwheat Hull FillWaterglider International Zafu Yoga Meditation Pillow with USA Buckwheat Hull Fill

Made in the USA. This meditation cushion provides firm yet comfortable support for your practice with a buckwheat fill that’s harvested in the USA.

What We Liked

This round meditation cushion is made using buckwheat grown in the United States. Cushions are overstuffed so you can easily adjust the level of buckwheat, modifying the height of the pillow to be just right for you. The cushion has a convenient handle to make it easy to carry. There is also a zipper, which makes it easy to remove or add buckwheat hulls as needed. To wash the cushion, you’ll need to remove the buckwheat hulls first. The cushion is 14 inches in diameter and six inches tall. We liked that this meditation pillow comes in a variety of seven different colors. Shop Today.

Best Size ChoicesYoga Meditation Buckwheat Bolster Pillow CushionYoga Meditation Buckwheat Bolster Pillow Cushion

Multiple Sizes and Colors. This round, buckwheat-filled meditation cushion provides customizable support for your practice and is available in two different sizes and six different colors.

What We Liked

This round meditation pillow uses buckwheat fill to provide a balance of firmness and flexible support to relieve stress on your joints and spine during meditation. It can also be used as a yoga block or as a floor cushion. This cushion comes in six different colors and has a sturdy handle for easy portability. There is zipper access to the buckwheat filling, so you can customize the filling to suit your needs. The outer cotton cover is removable and can be machine washed or spot cleaned. The cushion is five inches in height and is available in two diameter sizes: 13-inch or 16-inch. This meditation pillow comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee and a limited one-year warranty. We liked that this round meditation cushion comes in two different sizes, a variety of colors, and has a money-back guarantee. Pick One Up at Amazon.

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