Combining healing crystals with the physicality of yoga allows you to develop a powerful, transformative routine.

Most Versatile Top Plaza 108 Mala Prayer BeadsTop Plaza 108 Mala Prayer Beads

Natural Stone and Beads Bracelet/Necklace. Necklace or doubled bracelet with lava stone, mala beads, and chakra gemstones.

What We Liked: 

The Top Plaza 108 Mala Prayer Beads provided us with great versatility, as we were able to showcase the beautiful stones as both a necklace and a bracelet. The wonderful combination of the lava rock, mala beads, and Chakra gemstones channeled all our senses. We felt such great energy from this piece—both calm and relaxing, as well as a sense of focus and concentration when needed. Get them here.

Most ColorfulTop Plaza Bead Chakra BraceletTop Plaza Bead Chakra Bracelet

Chakra Gemstone Bracelet. Colorful gemstone bracelet with 7 Chakra gemstones.


What We Liked: 

The Top Plaza Bead Chakra Bracelet carried beautiful, vibrant colors right out of the box. The enchanting combination of stones—amethyst, sodalite, green turquoise, dyed green jade, tiger eye stone, yellow aventurine, red agate—welcomed endless compliments. Beyond the beauty, the free-flowing energy that we found to be present in the beads of this accessory fueled our week with increased focus and intention. Get them here.

Best Scent Carrier Tumbeelluwa Beads BraceletsTumbeelluwa Beads Bracelets

Healing Crystal Bracelet. Bracelet with healing beads that can be soaked in essential oils to hold scent.

What We Liked: 

The Tumbeelluwa Beads Bracelet is unique in both design (no two are the same) and its ability to hold scent. We love that we were able to combine the benefits of essential oils with the calming, smooth stones found in this bracelet. With a few drops of essential oils on the stone beads, we were able to reap the calming benefits for days at a time. Buy them now. 

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