Injury is an inconvenient and painful part of being an active individual. Even yogis are no stranger to injuries. Along with strains and sprains, common injuries happen in the knees because they absorb stress from tight hips. The meniscus and ACL in the knee are at risk during some yoga poses. Even when you take care to keep a small bend in your knees, and never extend the knee past the toes, injuries can still happen. If you have an injury or strain use these ice packs to relieve pain and swelling after a knee injury.

Top Cold Therapy MachineOssur Cold Rush Therapy Machine SystemOssur Cold Rush Therapy Machine System

Effective Localized Treatment. Cold therapy machine that’s quiet as a whisper and provides up to six hours of cold pain relief.

What We Liked

For serious injuries and post-surgery pain management, this is the serious equipment you want. A soft knee pad hooks up to the cryotherapy machine, which provides cold relief for both pain and swelling. No melting ice, layered towels, or unwieldy cold packs. You just velcro the pad in place and adjust the level with a knob. Buy Today on Amazon.

Top WrapThe Coldest Water Knee Ice Pack WrapThe Coldest Water Knee Ice Pack Wrap

Molds to the Knee. This knee brace velcros into place and uses special ice-cold gel to conform to injured and swollen knees.

What We Liked

Most of us can’t practically sit and keep an injured knee elevated for the first 24 to 48 hours, which is why we love this ice pack wrap. Chill it for at least two hours prior to application, then let the flexible gel conform to your knee for 20 minutes of cold therapy relief while you carry on with your busy life.  Buy Now.

Great Hot & ColdRester’s Choice Gel Cold & Hot PackRester’s Choice Gel Cold & Hot Pack

Compression Where You Neet It. A big, 11 by 14.5-inch compression gel pack suitable for both the freezer to get cold relief or microwave for heat therapy.


What We Liked

Because it’s heavy and made from thick fabric, it just feels like it’ll withstand years of use tending to minor pain and injuries. Leave it in the freezer for a few hours, then move the malleable gel around to conform to the injury area. The weight helps hold the large pack in place, and it’ll stay cold for up to an hour.  Shop on Amazon.

Best Whole BodyVive Cold Therapy MachineVive Cold Therapy Machine

Targeted Relief. This cryotherapy machine transforms ordinary ice into 30 minutes of targeted cold therapy treatment.

What We Liked

Fill the reservoir with ice (or reuse frozen 12 oz water bottles) and then velcro a specialized pad into place to get a quality cold therapy session on injuries and swelling. We really liked the extra-long cords that come with the machine in case you realize you left your phone on the other side of the couch or need to move a bit once you get hooked up.  Get One Today at Amazon.

Best Basic Ice PackThrice Gel Ice Cold CompressThrice Gel Ice Cold Compress

Soft and Durable. You can store these petite 10.5 by 4.75-inch pliable nylon/vinyl gel packs in the freezer until you need them.

What We Liked

Stop using frozen peas to treat your sprains and strains, for real. Start adulting and store a few dedicated ice packs in your freezer for when you need them. The gel stays pliable even when it’s cold, and the durable fabric provides a layer of insulation between skin and cold. Available on Amazon.

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