So, confession time, I love crystals. I use them in spellwork, keep them on my altars to represent the earth element, carry them with me throughout the day as a talisman, and use them in crystals grids.  I’d recommend building a collection of crystals for all of the uses detailed below, but only if you feel comfortable working with them. Crystals aren’t for everyone.

Best Crystals for Beginners

Here are some basic crystals for witches, separated by their uses. This is nowhere near a comprehensive list, but it will get you started.


These are the types of crystals you would use to protect your home or yourself, or in a defensive spell. Black tourmaline, and black obsidian are my favorite protection crystals. I place them near the entrances to my home (windowsills, doorways). I also use them on my altars to guard my work.


These are crystals you would use to get rid of negativity, to cleanse yourself, or to “reset” the energy in a space. Selenite and clear quartz are my favorites to use for this purpose. Also, clear quartz is excellent for amplifying your spells. It works like a conductor. I use a selenite wand when I smudge/smoke cleanse my place. And I have a piece of each (selenite and clear quartz) in every single room.


If you want to do a love spell, or even if you are looking to boost your relationships and your self love, there are crystals that can help you. My favorite crystal for this purpose is rose quartz. It’s affordable, beautiful, and it vibrates with unconditional love. Red carnelian boosts romance and passion.  And garnet is another crystal associated with passionate love.

Above, you’ll find an ongoing female empowerment/self love working I’m doing. I have rose quartz, red garnet, red jasper, and carnelian. I also used herbs like rose petals and lavender, along with a Venus charm and a key.

Intuition/Psychic Abilities

Because I read tarot cards, I also keep crystal trays/grids to enhance my intuition. Amethyst is by far my favorite crystal for boosting your intuitive abilities. It’s affordable, beautiful, and effective. I also use lapis lazuli, sodalite, and blue kyanite for this purpose. Having a little crystal grid with these stones together is a powerful way to develop your intuition


It’s also helpful to have grounding crystals, to reconnect you with the earth. This is useful if you’ve been using your intuition or psychic abilities and you need to place yourself in the here and now. And these are also excellent for times of emotional distress. I have anxiety and these help me calm down. By far, my favorite crystal for this is smoky quartz. For one, it’s beautiful. And it feels good in my hands.  But it has a gentle way of reconnecting me with the earth. Hematite and petrified wood are other excellent grounding crystals, to name a few.

Above, you’ll see an abundance tray I have on my money altar. I have green aventurine, jade, moss agate, and black tourmaline. There is also some amazonite for manifestation.



Abundance and Success

If you don’t have an abundance altar in your home, I highly recommend that you create one. It will help you attract the resources you need. My favorite crystal for abundance is citrine. I have one in the shape of a pyramid I keep on my altar at all times. Tiger’s Eye is associated with success and opportunity. Green aventurine, jade, moss agate, and pyrite bring wealth, while amazonite helps you manifest your desires into reality.

Above is the little sachet of crystals I use for my new moon manifesting. I spread these around me while I’m writing down my intentions for the month. I have three moonstones, a couple of pieces of amazonite for manifestation, and a big clear quartz for amplification.

Specific-Purpose Crystals

There are also more specialized crystals. You can use these to connect with specific deities, work with the elements, or enhance a particular type of spell. Want to connect with the element of water? Try azurite or celestite. If you are looking to work with your ancestors, bloodstone or petrified wood might be helpful. Want to utilize lunar energy? Try a moonstone.  Since I’m currently working with Aphrodite, I use rose quartz and carnelian as part of my practice.

Below, you’ll find a tray of crystals I will be using on the full moon. They are currently charging on my altar. I’m going to do a little shadow work with the smoky quartz and the clear quartz to embrace both my light and dark sides. I have also included my shaman stone (the brown one) and my shaman dream stone (the other piece of quartz). You can’t see it, but the shaman dream stone is kaleidoscope-like inside.  I mixed in a little amazonite for manifestation. I’m going to be doing a lot of divination on the full moon, and maybe some shamanic journeying work.

Crystal Tips

Only buy crystals that you resonate with, or they won’t be as effective. How will you know if you resonate with a crystal? You just will. I know that’s a frustrating answer, but you’ll see what I mean when a crystal speaks to you.
Quartz crystals are the most abundant type found on earth, and because there are so many of them, they are priced very affordably. And you can choose various types of quartz crystals for a wide variety of needs. The three basic crystals for witches I would choose are, clear quartz, rose quartz, and smoky quartz.
Make sure to cleanse and consecrate all the crystals in your home. And then charge them under the full moon.
Work with your crystals. Meditate with them. Use them in conjunction with your chakras. For example, laying down and placing a piece of amethyst on your third eye, or a chunk of rose quartz over your heart chakra.
Learn how to build a crystal grid, or a crystal tray (pictured above) which is essentially a long term spell you are working.

Where to Buy Crystals

If you don’t have a local metaphysical shop, I’d recommend purchasing some from Etsy. The one near me, doesn’t have a great selection and the prices are out of whack. If you don’t have any crystals, you can get a basic “crystal kit” of 5 stones/gems of your choice for $6. My favorite crystal dealers on Etsy are ilovelotus, HeartofNatureUtah, OneInfinityShop, and LanrayDktie.

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