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Back when AVATAR was released, there were news articles depicting a large number of people feeling depression and suicidal after watching the movie. As someone who felt this depression after seeing the movie for the first time in cinemas, I can tell you that the depression does not stem from the want to be on Pandora, the depression stems from the fact that this Earth *IS* Pandora.

The depression settles in as more realizations begin to occur. Humanity is allowing itself to become a disease to the planet, all for the sake of material gain.

In any movie review of James Cameron’s AVATAR, we are mostly told it is praised for it’s CGI and not for it’s story. Which for the most part, lacked originality. Comparisons are made to previous stories. Stories such as Ferngully, Pocahontas, and Dances with Wolves. Yet, what astounds me is that while people compare AVATAR to these films, they do not compare it to the events and situations that these films are focused on. Events and situations that are still ongoing to this day. AVATAR uses symbolism and imagery to portray the atrocities committed by the Corporatocracy. And, how our ignorance not only allows these atrocities to occur — but, also has halted our evolution.

AVATAR is not only a social commentary on the Extortion of Natural Resources, Exploitation of Indigenous Peoples, or Aboriginal Genocide. It is a simulation of what life can be.. Every claim in the analysis can be researched by anyone and a clear consensus can be reached. The film not only shows that the planet we are from is the mother of all life, it shows an alternative form of humanity. The Na'Vi are representative of Neohumanism*, the next stage in our evolutionary path. The humans depicted in the film are clearly shown to be from the Western world. Working for Corporations that seek to maximize profits regardless of social or environmental loss. So, what we have here is a film depicting two possible forms of humanity, the old paradigm vs the new paradigm, I hope this video shows you a new perspective on life or affirms your perspective.


Key Points within this video:

Introduction: Counterargument to General Criticism (00:00) Part 1: The United States of Materialism (2:47) Part 2: The Transceiver (8:58) Part 3: The Na'Vi: The Natives of Pandora (11:53) Part 4: The Philosophy of The People (17:40) Part 5: The Sequence that Changes Everything (19:42) Part 6: The Universe as a Super-Organism (22:29) Part 7: Ayahuasca and Avatar (25:03) Part 8: Redefining True Love (29:05) Part 9: Out there is the True World (31:05) Part 10: Destruction of Home Tree (32:39) Part 11: Rider of The Last Shadow (37:48) Part 12: Shamanic Healing Ceremony (39:34) Part 13: Old Paradigm vs New Paradigm (41:48) Part 14: Love | Life | Death & Rebirth (46:24)

Sources for arguments made within video:

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Avatar (2009)

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