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Astrology for the Soul, October 31, 2018


I am not a puppet,
A robot, a slave, or a fool.
I will find a way to get out of this play
And create a life that is true.

That’s what Uranus in Taurus says to the Sun, Venus and Jupiter in Scorpio! All that big bad Scorpio energy (forces beyond our control) trying to intimidate, scare, dominate us… no way!
Uranus, and the north node in Leo say “I’m gonna do it my way!”

I would be prepared to read nasty headlines these days with all kinds of abusive behaviours and power-tripping control freaks, vying for more, making the news.

Perhaps we can use the disgust and anger triggered by the current system and those in power, to motivate us to find alternatives rather than be brought down into feelings of powerlessness.

As we hold our heads high, we find ways around and out of the (hopefully!) collapsing matrix and we create the new paradigm. Astrology as always says: All things in due time.
In times like these we can’t have too much patience or forbearance!
Let’s see how Venus going back into Libra after this opposition will bring some balance and peace.


So Much Love,



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