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Astrology for the Soul February 28, 2018


There’s a tremendous amount of damage and pain,
That can result from just being “free.”
As the path to liberation is teaching me that,
Love is not just all about me.

Tricky times, indeed!  Life can feel very overwhelming, too much coming too fast, more than we can control until we throw up our hands and go AHHHHH!  Lemme outa’ here!  We can want to escape, return to innocence, freedom, spirit, the void, anywhere but here!  We could go so far as to refuse boundaries, blow off commitments, abandon others, tell little white lies to get out of the crunch, to just relax and breathe again.  We could get sneaky or resort to substance abuse just to numb or chill out… Hypersensitivity is the name of the game.

As mentioned in the report, the way out of this is to go through it and beyond it.  Surrender to it, to the other, to the world, to the service, to the project, to the future.  Having the faith, hope, and trust, that there is a time– there WILL BE a time when today’s dreams will manifest before our very eyes in our very lives.  “What goes around, comes around,” is the old saying and this is a time to serve, give, and really show up for, heal, and connect with the other in an honoring and devotional way.  Lifting the other will lift oneself. Go ahead, splurge on somebody, be a big tipper, give more than you think you can afford, spread the love.  


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