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Astrology, Banks, Currency and Credit in 2019


Banks Have Horoscopes Too – Why 2019 is a Revolution

In May 2018 you read this prediction, on the website:

“Watch countries where traditionally the white men in suits, have exploited people for a profit. According to all the laws of astrology, that old world is going to flip over.” A list followed of currencies, banks and credit card companies showing an intense cluster of patterns at 1 and 2 degrees of the zodiac signs.

As I write this on Thursday 7th February 2019 the NAB in Australia is already showing early signs of a revolution, with the resignation of the white man in a suit at the top. Here’s the list. People are often surprised to hear that a company can have a horoscope too, but they all do – based on their foundation, launch or incorporation date.

The cycle of the great planet Uranus will shake piggy banks all over the world once it restarts on 7th March 2019. This is Year of the Pig, but the piggy banks on our planet – according to both Asian and Western astrology – have lessons to learn by 2020.


Uranus in Taurus shakes piggy banks
The List of Currencies, Cards, Corporations and Banks With 1 and 2 Degree Factors

Bitcoin shows Pluto at 1 Capricorn, Mercury at 2 Aquarius
Mastercard shows Venus at 2 Capricorn, Ceres at 1 Cancer
Visa shows Jupiter at 1 Scorpio, Neptune at 2 Scorpio
American Express shows Mercury at 2 Pisces, Mars at 1 Cancer
The Standard Bank shows Neptune at 1 Aries, Chiron at 2 Pisces
The ANZ shows Neptune at 2 Aquarius
The NAB shows Mercury at 2 Scorpio
The HSBC shows the North Node at 1 Scorpio and South Node at 1 Taurus
Natwest shows Jupiter at 2 Scorpio, Saturn at 2 Taurus
The CBA shows Jupiter at 2 Sagittarius, Chiron at 2 Pisces
The Bank of England reveals Sun 0 Cancer, Pluto 0 Leo, Mars at 2 Virgo, Saturn at 1 Capricorn. That’s a pattern!
The Bank of Scotland (thanks to Anne Whitaker) shows Pluto at 2 Leo
The Royal Bank of Scotland, out of interest, founded by Royal Charter, shows Pluto at 2 Libra. Watch the Royal Family.

Check Your Chart if You are a Premium Member for Factors at 0, 1, 2 Taurus/Scorpio

If your personal birth chart based on your time, place and date of birth reveals factors at 0, 1, 2 Taurus and/or Scorpio then your Second House or Eighth House will be reshaped by Uranus in Taurus in 2019, 2020. You have to be open to everything that is new and different, embracing the future rather than clinging to the past. That is what astrology and history tell us.

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What You Read in May 2018 – and How 2019 is Shaping Up

“Of these (above) the biggest dramas will involve Visa, the NAB, the HSBC and Natwest. Why? Their patterns fall in Taurus and the Second House of currency and credit cards and/or in Scorpio in the Eighth House of global trade and investment.”

What we are looking for is the arrival of Uranus (the revolution, not experienced in our adult lifetime) in Taurus (money, property and business) at 0, 1, 2 degrees of that sign. Further, we would be looking for other planets, asteroids or points which are also circling Taurus 0, 1, 2 degrees and pulling in all the other organisations.

Astrology is History and Sociology

Astrology is history and sociology. We look back to the patterns of the past to predict the future. When that future also involves entire generations of people (in this case, the billions born with chart factors at Taurus or Scorpio 0, 1, 2) we can assume that this is more than just one radical wave of change, with one organisation, in one country. It’s going to be global.

The sociology, then, is about the generations born with the slow-moving outer planets and Nodes in particular, like Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, the North Node or South Node – all in these signs – Taurus (gold bullion, the Wall Street bull, bull markets) and Scorpio (banks, property, valuables).

When Uranus – a symbol of revolution since 1781 – moves across 0, 1, 2 Taurus it conjuncts or triggers those early Taurus factors in the charts of billions, at the same time that is opposes the Scorpio factors in the charts of billions. That’s a wave. This is global, pulling in the HSBC in Asia, but also Australian banks pulled into a commission investigation in February 2019.



Other Issues – Money Laundering and Uranus in Taurus

One of the waves of change in 2019 will be the impact of the Magnitsky Amendment on money laundering, passed by Her Majesty the Queen in Great Britain, back in May 2018, when Uranus first made a tentative appearance in Taurus. That also happens to be her own sign. This amendment could see the prosecution of any person or organisation breaching human rights as it also throws its money through the global laundromat. In astrology, every alarm bell in the world started ringing on the day the Queen sanctioned that change to the United Kingdom’s laws. She did it within days of Uranus changing signs.

Blockchain Banking and Uranus in Taurus

Beyond sanctions on money laundering, recent history also tells us the HSCB made Blockchain history when Uranus briefly moved into Taurus after May 2018. What happens in 2019 concerns blockchain banking, as much as money laundering.

2019 Dates to Watch – Frankenstein’s Monster Wakes Up

Keep your situation as flexible as possible as you will need to adapt and adjust quickly as Uranus goes over 0, 1, 2 Taurus. The history books tell us that the people who do best in times of financial revolution and economic change, on these cycles, are those who know how to invent a new way to manage their money, property or valuables.

This is going to begin with a lightning bolt and it is going to begin on March 7th 2019, when Uranus at 0 Taurus forms a quincunx to Cupido at 0 Libra and conjunction to Aesculapia at 0 Taurus. This describes a person, company or situation which comes back from the point of no return. Back from the brink. This feels like Frankenstein’s monster on the operating table. Just when you thought he was over, the lightning bolts hit the windows and he jerks back to life. Astrology can sometimes be quite literal so there may be electrical storms sweeping Europe, America and Australasia on March 6th, 7th, 8th 2019.

March 7th 2019
The Bank of England must change – radically – or be left behind – after storms begin to roll.

March 27th 2019
Venus at 1 Pisces sextiles Uranus at 1 Taurus – the first of a series of storms at 1 degree which will rattle the windows of Visa and the HSBC. Uranus often feels like crackling, electrical waves in the atmosphere and was discovered in the same year that Galvani discovered what he called ‘animal electricity’. If your chart shows patterns at 1 Taurus or Scorpio this is a good time to ground yourself, stay earthed – and figure out how you are going to have to make changes.


Uranus is a new wave for banking.


April 22nd 2019 – Crossroads for Natwest and the NAB

Uranus at 2 Taurus is conjunct Hygiea at 2 Taurus. That day the Sun is also at 2 Taurus conjunct Uranus at 2 Taurus and also conjunct Hygiea. Natwest (Great Britain) and the NAB (Australia) are at the core of this revolution in banking. There is a tremendous need to insure the future and protect tomorrow, on April 21st, 22nd, 23rd. Yet, it must be done in the certain knowledge that this is a crossroads very few people will have seen in their adult lives. Why the crossroads? The NAB has Mercury at 2 Scorpio. Natwest has Jupiter at 2 Scorpio and Saturn at 2 Taurus. This is a direct lightning strike on banks.

This Isn’t Over – December 2019
In astrology, Uranus often goes backwards and forwards through a zodiac sign. He goes away from that 0, 1, 2 Taurus spot after April 22nd, but returns dramatically on 15th December. I am writing this astrology prediction nine months in advance, but close to December 15th 2019 the revolution affecting banks, currencies and credit cards returns with a bang. Things are going to have to change.

December 15th 2019
Uranus 2 Taurus opposite Vulcano 2 Scorpio

Credit but not as we know it.
The Year 2020 and the Banking Revolution Rolls On – Watching January 23rd.

Very close to New Year’s Eve 2020, on December 31st, we see a lot of astrological weather at 0, 1, 2 degrees of the zodiac signs. This suggests that the world economic and banking revolution is far from over and may just be starting to show its extremism, as 2020 arrives. January 2020 is crunch time for Natwest and the NAB as Uranus at 2 Taurus makes waves.

Remember how many other brands in this marketplace also have 2 degree factors. Close to 23rd January 2020, the NAB and Natwest will be at the centre of a storm which makes radical change necessary. They are at the eye of the storm but it will also pull in Bitcoin with Mercury at 2 Aquarius, Mastercard with Venus at 2 Capricorn, Visa with Neptune at 2 Scorpio, The Standard Bank with Chiron at 2 Pisces, the ANZ with Neptune at 2 Aquarius, the CBA with Jupiter at 2 Sagittarius and Chiron at 2 Pisces, the Bank of England with Mars at 2 Virgo, The Bank of Scotland with Pluto at 2 Leo and the Royal Bank of Scotland with Pluto at 2 Libra.

23rd January 2020
Uranus 2 Taurus square the Sun at 2 Aquarius

We should also be watching 7th February 2020 when Ceres at 2 Aquarius squares Uranus at 2 Taurus. That’s big. Essentially, the billions born with not only the slow-moving outer planets at 0, 1, 2 Taurus and Scorpio – but also the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and the rest – are being challenged to change. Specifically, to change their values. What they will or will not sell out for. Who or what they consider to be precious to the point of being priceless. This is very likely to be the things that money cannot buy.

Our New Global Economy and Our New Values – 2019 and Beyond

Storms can be exhilarating even though they disrupt everything. Uranus is a symbol of every person, situation or organisation which is unconventional, different, ahead of its time, on the outside looking in, exciting, offbeat and unusual. If you are curious about Uranus as a horoscope symbol, do look him up on Search.

Uranus rules ‘the last thing I thought I would ever do/hear myself say.’ It also rules the world turning upside-down.

*Developing world economies and so-called Third World economies are on top and ‘First World’ economies are flipped.
*Shopping, materialism, status symbol possessions and ‘How to Spend It’ in the rich West becomes challenged, overnight.

Uranus brings liberation, freedom, space, autonomy and independence. Sometimes these are forced upon us. We are made to wake up and see how confined or restricted we have been. This cycle shakes us awake, rather like a lightning bolt hitting the window pane in the middle of the night, illuminating and exposing the room, as if it were daylight.

History and sociology are what astrology is all about. I should add two more factors though! Synchronicity and mythology. It is the mythology that tells us Uranus always appears when the world turns upside-down and lightning escapes. The synchronicity, which is Carl Jung’s famous principle of connection – suggests that in 2019 and 2020 we are going to see the Wall Street bull with all his insistence on sticking on price – forced to move. In fact, the Wall Street bull may actually physically be moved. That would be typical of astrology and also synchronicity.

Bank, company and corporation data from matched online sources including Wikipedia. In the case of a missing incorporation or launch time, 12.00 noon has been used.


Read more: jessicaadams.com


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