Are you living your truth—or what everyone else wants you to be?

In the ancient philosophy Vedanta, there’s a word called svadharma (own nature) that defines your true Self. On the other hand, paradharma (alien nature) refers to the person you become when you get swept away in the expectations of family, friends, partners, or even colleagues. At some point, the lines between the two get blurred. 

That’s where yoga wisdom can come into play. Here, Rina Jakubowicz—yoga teacher, author of The Yoga Mind: 52 Essential Principles of Yoga Philosophy to Deepen Your Practice, and creator of YJ’s new class series, Empowered Vinyasa—offers a stream-of-conscious writing practice to help hone what’s truly you, and what’s not.


Feel like you’ve lost your sense of Self in the noise of social media or societal expectations? It’s time to get on the mat and reclaim who you are. Join author and yoga teacher Rina Jakubowicz for Empowered Vinyasa: Journey to Your Highest Self, a series of 10 yoga classes and companion dharma talks that zero in on principles of yoga philosophy—from The Bhagavad Gita and the Hindu spiritual tradition Vedanta—that are essential to self-exploration. Sign up today!

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