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Are signs really from guides or manifested by LOA?


I know the law of attraction is real, but how does it fit into spirituality, especially signs.

I have always gotten signs from my guides, or so I thought. This may be numbers, certain words, or images. These may occur randomly or I may have asked for specific signs as answers or confirmation.

Recently got into law of attraction and specifically Neville Goddards practices. Their theory is that the signs are simply our own manifestations. For example i meditate and ask my angels to show me an image three times today if I should take a job. Then I see the three signs, but it’s not because my guides or higher self answered, but because I created that. According to LOA, I’m basically confirming my own questions and there isn’t any guidance come from anywhere higher. I’m confused now on how to view signs, are they real guidance or are they just self confirming manifestations?

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