Come together! The full moon in delightfully quirky Aquarius helps us find the rainbow connection with these ritual ideas.

by The AstroTwins

An Aquarius full moon on August 3, 2020, in the zodiac’s sign of quirky individuality and friendship, is a great time to gather (responsibly!) for a summer soiree. Get ready to let imaginations run free!

Our Aquarius full moon ritual ideas are about participation and collaboration with the most eclectic crew you can dream up.

Ritual: Rainbows & Unicorns Picnic or Virtual Gathering

This moon is a perfect time to let your freak flag fly and your alter-ego out to play. Make it a rainbow connection! Aquarius honors the world’s most colorful characters and the bright hues of the actual spectrum. Forget about your summer whites or “Zoom uniforms” and reach for reds, purples, oranges and neon greens.

And don’t go it alone! Host a Rainbows & Unicorns Picnic or video screen to share the love.

Aquarius loves to commune, and this lunation celebrates the spirit of social experimentation. Invite everyone in your circle from your Afropunk bohemian GF to the buttoned up babe who works in corporate sales. You’ll be surprised to see who clicks.

Make your gathering a picnic in the park or a barbecue—socially distanced, of course! Set up a communal table or blanket where everyone can serve themselves pot-luck style. You might even bask in the light of the Aquarius full moon after dusk.


If an in-person gathering sounds fun but too risky right now (or off-limits), set up a Facebook room or open a House Party invite so you don’t have to be judicious with your guest list. Embrace “more is more” for a few hours of games or sharing.

Aquarius full moon ritual keywords: participation and collaboration

Encourage everyone to help create the spirit of the gathering. Go full-on with the Rainbows & Unicorns theme. Spread out a multi-colored blanket. Have friends dress in ROYGBIV-colored clothes or, hey, costume-up as unicorns. (One of our Aquarius friends actually owns a head-to-toe unicorn suit—a zip-up onesie with a horned hood.)

Have your edibles be rainbow-colored or fantasy-themed, too. Think: cotton candy, a full-spectrum assortment of crudité, ice cream cones with rainbow sprinkles. This is why Pinterest exists! If you’re doing a video, ask your fiends to have their show-and-tell camera-ready.

Other Aquarius full moon ritual ideas:

Choose a documentary that you and your friends watch. Set up a time to have a salon-style discussion about the documentary.
Clean up your social media profiles: delete posts and photos that don’t represent your current values or beliefs.
Conserve energy and “green” your home (Aquarius rules electricity). Some ideas: switch to LED bulbs, ask your electricity provider about green power, explore solar chargers for small devices, and use AC sparingly.
Participate in a group meditation or a yoga class to awaken your higher mind (Aquarius is associated with the third eye chakra).

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