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A Warm Welcome to Yogahaven with Allie Hill


Yogahaven offers a wide variety of  hot yoga classes, suitable for all levels, at six yoga studios across London, Brighton and Birmingham.

We believe yoga is magical and fun – that’s why we teach a unique style of hot yoga called ‘leela’, meaning ‘play’ in Sanskrit! Our studios offer a wide variety of yoga classes where there’s something for everyone; regardless of your level of experience, flexibility, or strength. Whether you’re a ballerina or a builder, a lawyer or a chef – we are confident that our yoga classes will change the way you look at health, fitness and meditation.  yogahaven

Founder of yogahaven and teacher training director Allie Hill originally trained in Bikram yoga. Understanding the benefits of practising yoga in the heat but with a desire to learn more, she went on to study with many wonderful teachers around the world. She’s been teaching yoga to Premier League football clubs Aston Villa and Tottenham Hotspur for many years, introducing the benefits of yoga to both clubs. Yogamatters was delighted to have the opportunity to chat with Allie to find out more about both the yogahaven studios and teacher trainings.

About Yogahaven


What has been your biggest challenge setting up yogahaven?

You definitely need determination to get a yoga studio off the ground as there are so many obstacles, from planning restrictions, investment etc. The hardest part is finding a space that’s suitable for a yoga studio and that’s affordable!

How do you cope with managing so many studios so far apart?

I have an amazing team that have been with me for a long time. I’d be lost without them. I always get so many compliments about how friendly and approachable the yogahaven studios are, and I believe that’s down to the wonderful staff.

What has been your biggest learning curve?

That I can’t be responsible for everyone, all of the time. I’m a rescuer by nature and tend to want to keep everyone happy, but that’s not always possible in Business. I’ve also learnt to lead by example, to get stuck in and clean the toilets if they need cleaning etc.

What is your favourite thing about owning yogahaven?

The community and all the people who work alongside me. I feel very blessed and have so much gratitude to all the people involved in the community.

What is next for yogahaven?

To continue to adapt and grow, to stay relaxed and enjoy what I do along the way.

Teacher training with Yogahaven

How have you adapted the training programme over the many years you have been conducting yoga teacher trainings?

Yoga trends come and go and yogahaven have moved with the times. Sequences have become more creative over the years and this has been reflected in our trainings when learning about sequencing. Gentle hands on assists are also something we’ve brought in over time. It was after I did my Jivamukti training that I brought this into the yogahaven course.

What resources do you provide students with after the training to support them on their journey? 

I’m lucky that I have a family of six yoga studios and have been doing teacher trainings for 12 years, so there is a large community of 700+ teachers to connect with. We offer Karma classes at our studios for our new graduates to teach. We also offer 1-2-1 and group mentoring sessions so they have an opportunity to delve deeper into specific subjects. yogahaven also offer many events, that our graduates often come to and support the event or volunteer.

What do you think the toughest bit about teacher training is for a student?

Overcoming their fears of not being good enough or being flexible enough, or not being able to do a headstand…these kind of worries put people off doing a yoga teacher training. The reality is they’re probably more ready than they think, and being super flexible doesn’t mean you will be an inspiring yoga teacher. There’s so much more to it than that.

What are your plans for the next few years of yoga teacher training?

I’ve always been determined to make the yogahaven teacher training the best it can be. I want students to have a magical experience so I continually try to evolve the trainings to make each year better. My next goal is to offer a local 200 hour yoga teacher training in Brighton which is where I reside since moving out of London.

Find out more about Yogahaven’s teacher training here or find out more about a studio near to you here.

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