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A lot of doubts/My grandma


Hallo! My grandma past away a few weeks ago, I go to their funeral in other state than mine, when I back to my city where she have another house I was the chosen for clean her apartment of her things what she never use like two years ago ('cause she move to another state), well A few days I have a dreaming (a vivid dream) about her0and another's family members who were to close to my grandma, I was in her apartment with all my family and I was the only one who knows they' re all dead and they took me at the kitchen and talk to me, my "grandma close the door which was trespassing a man (who look like family but I don't recognize him) and my" grandma" with my "aunt" tell me they gonna show me their real form… In a snap my dog wake up to me and I try to resume the dream but I can't enter in the state again, only normal dreams. I just want to know if someone has a book for it and what are those "creatures"?

P. D: I don't practice european/occidental witchcraft, I'm more into oriental shamanism and Mexican rituals, I specialize into Asian oracles and adivination. I try to know more about occidental witchcraft to try to make a sincretism so any help are really appreciated and if you want to know more about this oriental way to see I open to any questions.

Tarrah for know


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