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A Guide to Understand Numerology


Understand Numerology Can Help Individuals Understand Themselves

Numerology is considered a pseudo science of mathematics, and till date, there has not been much evidence supporting its validity and accuracy. In numerology, the first consideration usually is the date of birth, and this date is expressed numerically to determine the Lifepath number, and many other numbers related to person’s life. Numerology can help people have better understanding of themselves, their strengths and weaknesses, what they have to work with, what they need to work on, what are the heights that can be reached and where are they coming from. The name given at the time of birth is called cosmic name, and it reflects your talents, goals, debts, lessons and reason for being here, and changing the name may enhance or reduce your ability to fulfill your goals in life.

More than month and year of birth, the date of birth is an important numerological indicator that provides overall thumbnail sketch of person’s traits, and it has a very strong influence on the most productive periods of their lives. Adding together all the vibrations of the vowels gives Soul Urge, and it depicts the longings of the soul, and motivations and goals of life. Numerology is the science of using mathematical numbers to find the personal vibrations, which are then interpreted to find the hidden meaning in them and their true purpose. Total vibrations of the name is Expression, and is the real face you show to the world, and the traits most readily seen by others in you.

Vibrations not appearing in the name indicate Karmic Lessons, and are the qualities that have not been fully developed yet and areas which you are yet to be explored. Numerology is used in several aspects of life including understanding the self, special traits, challenges to overcome, inner dreams, essence of the name, pinnacles, temperament and personality, naming the baby, changing the name, and finding compatibility in relationships. Name signifies only half the story, and regardless of time and place of birth, the date of birth fleshes out the whole individual. The number of times same number repeats or lack of certain numbers has special significance in numerology.

If any number is repeated many times, it indicates special talents, and absence of number indicates the issue related to the nature of the number. These days, computers and software packages have become excellent tools to learn and use numerology. Numerology and astrology have been used for many centuries, however, their use must be limited to gain the deeper understanding and improve the quality of life.

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