I am visualizing my future with my ex girlfriend who left months ago. She was dealing with serious energies. My post history explains better but she had let her ex merge with her on the spiritual plane only for it to be the demon that possesed him before we met. I did not know she was doing this. I do not mess with those forces. I am grounded in reality and creating my reality. I am spiritual but i draw the line. She was manic..the shaman she seen told me this. She needed help. Well she left me during covid in late march…said she didnt love me. We both moved back to florida. She was already here for a month prior helping a friend whos husband passed. I see her every two weeks to get our 4yr old daughter. My ex is not right..i can tell..she is bothered. Something? So I am trying to manifest a good future and when I see her there is a dark figure present. I try to shake it..make it disappear. Any ideas what is goin on or is this part of my psyche in how I see her. Thank you for any advice

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