Hi everyone! I’ve just started dipping my toes into witchcraft, and am super excited to delve into everything! There’s so much to look into though, it can be a little overwhelming! So I was hoping to start a little closer to home and maybe get some recommendations on books/websites/youtubers etc haha.

My family is Puerto Rican and a lot of Puerto Ricans practice a kind of Espiritismo, so I guess witchcraft has been a part of my life in an abstract way for as long as I can remember. Burning a certain colored seven day candle and saying a certain prayer because my dad’s mom says it will help us through a difficult time. Making an offering to the saints at church when we light a candle. My grandfather on my mother’s side being something of a healer and visiting a relative/family friend with him, to watch him and community members come together to pray over an ill/injured person while he rubbed a homemade salve of herbs and oils into their skin. My other grandmother visiting the African shaman who’d lived on the island for years, because she felt like someone had placed a curse on her (the shaman told her to go to a specific crossroads and look under a specific rock, where she’d find a doll buried to mimic her, some strands of her hair wrapped around it. Her soon to be ex husband’s sister had been purposefully making her sick and weak through this doll because she hated her, and wanted her gone) and was looking for a cure. My mom has a glass cup sitting behind our front door filled with some special mixture meant to prevent evil intentions/bad spirits from following us into our home, etc etc.

Sadly, I’ve never really been sat down and shown this stuff or had it addressed as any spells/crafts/whatever you want to call them have always been done by older family members, like grandparents or great aunts/uncles, and sometimes parents. It’s just kinda always been there, and it’s normal to us. And as far as I know, no one in my family has written it down anywhere either- it’s like oral tradition that has been passed down generation or generation, and slowly dwindling away. But I’d love to find out more, honestly, because it’s a part of my history and culture and I’d love to help keep it alive.


Could anyone point me in the direction of any books or such on Espiritismo? Or any other field of magic that’s similar, that you think would interest me? TIA! Sorry if this is long or doesn’t make much sense, it’s been a long day lol.

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