Yoga teacher Jennifer Pastiloff shares her best tips for making your day more meaningful.

Start your day in silence or prayer

Start your day in silence or prayer. I have a toddler, so I get that this isn’t always an option. We have so many thoughts throughout the day that are on repeat in our minds. They become mantras, or mind tattoos, as I call them. Choose something that opens you up rather than shuts you down, and keep returning to it throughout the day. I am here. I am in my body. I am enough.

Write it out. Ask yourself what radical self-care or compassion means to you and journal on it. Get specific. Pick one simple thing to commit to by a rea-sonable time frame. It can be taking a bubble bath or going to the bathroom without your toddler in the room. Make it tangible.

Dork it out. Check in with your sense of humor. Sing out loud or have a solo dance party in the car or do Tree Pose with your eyes closed and see if you can laugh at yourself if you fall.

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Check in with your body. What area of your body do you feel most or where are you most aware? Write for three minutes from the point of view of that body part. Notice what comes up.


Ask yourself, “Now what?”
 And then do one actionable thing that answers that question. It can be the smallest baby step. For example, I talked endlessly about writing a book. My “now what” was sitting my butt down in a chair and writing the first sentence. 

Let yourself off the hook.
 Finish the sentence: Today I will let myself off the hook for … 

Go beauty hunting. Before you even finish your coffee, notice five beautiful things around you. Do this as often as you can throughout your day.

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Jennifer Pastiloff travels the world teaching her unique empowerment workshop On Being Human, a hybrid of yoga-related movement, writing, sharing aloud, letting the snot fly, and the occasional dance party. She is the founder of the online magazine The Manifest-Station and a frequent contributor to Shape. Find her at

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