There comes a point in your life where you feel depleted and exhausted, especially after a spiritual awakening.

While the feelings that come with it are unpleasant, there’s no need for you to bother yourself by asking what have you done wrong that must have led you to such distress.

Instead, you need to pick yourself up and do the things that can get you out of that state of purposelessness and cluelessness.

Recover your spiritual zest or zeal by doing the following:

1. Meditate to calm your mind.

The mind and soul are intricately connected. The mind is a projection of the soul in the thought dimension, an extension. What the mind goes through, the soul feels the same way too.

So, when your mind is a mess, your soul gets affected. You will feel weak and disconnected. The best way to regain your mental control is by doing meditation.

The biggest case for spiritual exhaustion is an overactive mind that cannot sort out all the reframed beliefs and new points of view that come with awakening.

Calm your mind through meditation and let the new knowledge be naturally absorbed.

2. Stay away from noise and negative emotions.

Staying away from noise and negative emotions doesn’t mean running away from the problem. It only means giving yourself enough space to breathe.

Noise and negative emotions, like anger, could only aggravate your condition, thus avoiding these things for the meantime is necessary.

Peace and silence might be all you need at this point in time.


3. Find solace in the company of your loved ones.

There’s no other company as comforting as your loved ones. Your soul could get its nourishment from their energies.

Your loved ones carry a vibe of positive energy and wish only the good things for you. They do this from a pure heart, not because they have an agenda. They just love you.

With their presence, you can find the strength to let go of the negative thoughts in your mind and replace it with positivity and well-being. You won’t believe how fast you’ll be spiritually recharged.

4. Commune with nature.

Science proves that nature boosts a person’s mood and enhances health. Spiritually, nature – trees most especially – have the power to absorb your negative energies and replace it with positive ones.

Some scientists and energy healers argue that trees even have properties that can heal a person’s physical condition.

If you only want to lift up your mood, a walk in the woods is pretty helpful and will recharge your spirit.

5. Indulge yourself in a warm embrace.

A warm hug can revitalize a tired soul. Oh, you won’t believe how much one hug can help a person.

Ask your loved ones to envelope yourself in their loving embrace.

If you have a child in your home, let them hug you tightly. Children have pure souls that are full of positive energy.

Moreover, there’s healing in a human touch. Spend more time cuddling and embracing everyone in the family and notice how much better you will feel.

Spiritual exhaustion is just a season. When treated in a right way, it will pass and a warmer season will come. So, breathe and let it pass.

Source: Conscious Reminder;

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