How many times per day do you get email “spam” with all sorts of offers for products that promise to increase your sexual energy and bring some spice back into your love life? If you’re smart, of course you delete those emails right away, as it’s very unwise to start popping pills from a company you’ve never heard of or to start subscribing to web videos that are going to get you into trouble with your partner.

However, for someone who still wants some energy and vitality in the bedroom – or who is wondering why it is that they can never get a good night’s sleep – there are some simple feng shui bedroom tips that one can follow quickly and easily, and that promise to help you accomplish whichever is your goal.

Feng Shui Bedroom Tip #1

So, which is it? Are you looking to add some spice, some vitality, some energy and enthusiasm to your bedroom? Or instead, are you looking to create a warm and relaxing atmosphere that has anything but spice and energy? It’s important for you to understand this because the methods you’ll use when applying these feng shui bedroom tips will have one or the other effect on you; you don’t want to be doing something that will bring energy into a room where you already can’t get any sleep, and you don’t want to create a “cozy” atmosphere in a room where you need more vitality and spice.


Feng Shui Bedroom Tip #2

Take a good, long, honest look around at your bedroom. What do you see? Make a mental inventory of all the “stuff” that’s in this room, and ask yourself how it’s helping or hindering that end result you’re trying to create. One of the most important feng shui bedroom tips is to de-clutter the room and move out anything and everything that’s detracting from the mood you’re trying to create. Children’s toys are not going to get you into the mood for a good sex life, and neither will dirty laundry, bills to be paid, or that dusty treadmill. All of these items will also detract from that calm and restful atmosphere you want to create as well. How can you feel relaxed and peaceful when you have your car payment booklet sitting on a desk a few feet away, or when you see the mounds of sewing that you need to get to?

Feng Shui Bedroom Tip #3

If you’re looking to add some spice to your bedroom, then think of colors that remind you of spice. Cayenne red, for example, is a nice spicy color that many use as an accent in the bedroom to create tension and energy. If you’re looking to feel calm and soothed, think of something that calms and soothes you – hot cocoa, for instance. Warm browns are soothing colors that create the right atmosphere as well; considering using these for your bedroom when you want to create a room that’s soothing and restful. By thinking of how these colors translate into the mood you’re trying to create, you’ll be able to apply one of the most important feng shui bedroom tips there is.

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