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2018 Fire Sign Horoscope Karma


Dear Aries, Leo and Sagittarius – Your horoscope karma is decided by the cycles of the North Node and South Node in astrology. Until November 2018 the North Node is in Leo and the South Node is in Aquarius. Expect familiar, repeated, events, themes, people and developments. These will come back to you from this life, but also past lifetimes which is why things may feel so uncannily ‘known’ to you!

Your Sun Sign chart or Solar Sign chart based on your regular zodiac sign is a useful guide to what to expect. Because we have a lot of heavy Leo weather from July-September I am going to focus on the North Node in Leo as it passes through, in relation to your chart. What follows is an extract from my favourite Penguin astrology book, 2020 Vision.

The same old issues about your reputation and public profile will be on your agenda at this time. Don’t let that bother you, though. This cycle will give you a chance to relax, and lean hard on previous experience (or even past life wisdom; you may have gone through similar image/reputation issues in a prior incarnation.) Anything which comes up about you now will be easy to handle.

The First House rules your appearance (everything from your hair to your shoes) so all the issues you face in connection with this will seem familiar now. You’ve been around – and around – with these questions before. Not surprisingly, you’ll feel a wonderful detachment about what’s going on. There is classically a ‘been there, done that’ feeling about the North Node, and right now you’ll feel it in connection with anything from haircuts to weight loss, because the First House always concerns you with what you see in the mirror.

You will have a lot of wisdom and experience to draw on now, no matter if you are promoting yourself through your business, booking cosmetic surgery, or dealing with the public eye. Some of this experience will have come from another incarnation you know nothing about! However, you will also have a strong sense of life rewinding, from this lifetime, now. Again, and again, when the North Node is in the First House, you’ll hit repeated ‘image’ issues.

This cosmic Deja vu also be happening with your partner, ex-partner, potential date or opponent at this time. The South Node is in the Seventh House while the North Node is in the First House, which is causing the ‘stuck’ feeling about a certain someone! (For more on this, read the South Node section ahead.)

The two Nodes feel dramatically different to work with, though. The South Node’s influence on your marriage, partnership, disputes, dating strategy or ex relationship will probably frustrate you. The North Node is a much easier force to work with. Matters of image and reputation will not make you feel trapped. Even though you’ll feel as if you’re watching life press the rewind button, you’ll feel wonderfully detached about all those endless ‘Me’ issues.

That detachment can help you make some wise decisions. Even though you will feel as if you’re stuck on a merry-go-round in your love life, or with your battle, when it comes to yourself (the way you’re seen by the world) you now have privileged wisdom to draw on. The insights you have about your name, face, look and public profile now will allow you to make some unusually smart decisions. You should feel utterly calm and confident about your next move!

Here’s an interesting thing about the North Node in the First House – if you have your first portrait painted now, – or even if you appear on TV for the first time or have your first studio photograph taken – you’ll feel oddly centred about it all. That’s because you’re ‘remembering’ something from another lifetime. Who knows – maybe Leonardo da Vinci painted you before!

Your approach to children (your own, or other people’s) will be helped by your innate wisdom at this time. You will either hit repeat scenarios of situations you have faced many times before – over the last few months or years – or come across something new, which still seems strangely familiar to you. This sense of familiarity, or ‘knowingness’ is one of the reasons it’s now possible to take the world of children in your stride.

Perhaps you really have known your son or daughter in a past life! Or maybe you’re dealing with a ‘same old, same old’ situation as you pursue IVF treatment. If you have other planets in the Fifth House at the same time as the North Node, you’ll find those cycles are coloured, in a useful way, by the intuitive understanding and calm sense of ‘been there, done that’ which is with you at this time. This applies no matter if you are interviewing nannies, managing a difficult grandchild, or organising a children’s’ football team.

You can also get on top of sex at this time! You’ll either hit extremely familiar scenarios with your partner, or if you’re celibate for a while, you’ll find it’s easier to be philosophical – even downright calm, cool and collected – about the sexual jungle out there. The North Node describes the process of watching life from a distance, with the comfort of long experience, or the help of wisdom gathered over many lifetimes. When it comes to sex, don’t be surprised if you have an automatic, intuitive sense about people and situations.

The Fifth House also rules your part-time passions – the interests, projects or plans that keep you occupied on the weekends, and in the evenings (when other people are watching television.) If you fall in love with a new interest now, you might surprise yourself, and other people, with the fact that you seem to know so much about it – despite the fact that you’re a newbie. There is a very good case for past-life gifts, talents and enthusiasms in these cases. Even that lifelong passion of yours will now bring a ‘been there, done that’ feeling, though. Whatever highs and lows your personal plans, projects and interests bring you, there’ll be a strong sense of repetition and familiarity.

The only real risk with the North Node in the Fifth House is laziness – a refusal to develop, to experiment, or even to try! Occasionally people take a back seat at this time, because they’ve seen it all before (with kids, with sex or with their part-time passions.) That doesn’t mean you have to stop living, though. On the contrary, that intense familiarity you have with certain people, set-ups and situations should give you a secure platform from which to get involved at a higher level. If you’re single, for example, and you’ve had a long line of partners, that shouldn’t make you an unadventurous lover. If you are having difficulties with children, sex or your personal passions now, the North Node can help you manage what is going on. It tends to make us philosophical, effortlessly knowledgeable, relaxed and unattached to what is going on.

The central question now is, ‘Should I get back out there again?’ and only you can provide the answer. It may be the case that you have chalked up so many months and years (or lifetimes) of experience with a particular person or situation, that you can’t see the point of going further. If, however, you believe that it’s time to go to the next level, all that intuition and all those hard-won life lessons will help you. Astrologers prefer people to try harder when the North Node is in the Eighth House. And, even if a complicated financial situation is in the picture, perhaps it’s time that you admitted the reason you’ve reached this point in your life, is to use it as a launch pad for new angles, new attempts, new possibilities. As always, it’s up to you.

This cycle will put you in touch with your religious beliefs (if you have any), or with alternative ways of finding your faith in life. It’s about the places, people or promises you seek, in order to find meaning. These may not necessarily have any connection to your own culture, education or background. Travelling to other countries or making connections with people from different nationalities or belief systems to your own, might be the key to a new spiritual awakening for you. In other cases, you might find this wake-up call through science, through the occult, or by returning passionately to a philosophy or faith you’ve visited before.

The North Node describes your karma. People and experiences which are fated to return to you from your previous incarnations, will turn up at this time. Every one of them will educate you about what you believe about the universe and what it means. You might just ‘happen’ to walk past a church service in a cathedral one morning, on the way to the supermarket. Or you might just ‘accidentally turn up’ at a holiday resort which is next door to a mosque. One thing is certain. If you seek in this cycle, you will find. Madonna’s commitment to Kabbalah developed during this period in her life. Are you drawing on people and places from a prior incarnation during this cycle? Perhaps. If there is a sense of familiarity or instant connection around specific individuals or locations now, the past may be returning to you.

During this cycle, the South Node will automatically pass through the Third House of your chart at the same time. This area of your horoscope rules curiosity, knowledge and learning. The North Node in the Ninth House answers this call on a deeper level. Even if you are not a natural student, you can expect to go on a serious quest for knowledge and understanding now. This search for meaning and truth, on a spiritual level, may start with something as simple as the first chapter of The Da Vinci Code, or it may begin with your PhD in Ancient Civilisations. Throughout the period that the North Node is in the ninth house, your curiosity about the universe will be well and truly triggered.

Comparing and contrasting what other people believe is part of the journey. So is questioning your own attitudes, prejudices and expectations. The Ninth House is about faith, though – not facts. In the end, a lot of what you process and absorb at this time will come down to gut reactions, instinct and blind trust. What you seek and find now will have nothing to do with statistics or proof, but a great deal to do with what speaks to your soul and your intuition.

This cycle also rules publishing, both online, and through the world of books. You can afford to be philosophical about developments now because you’ve experienced the same/similar issues before – either in this life, or in one that you don’t remember. You’ll be amazed at how much innate wisdom and experience you can bring to any publishing issue. This is also the cycle in which Madonna published her series of children’s books.


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