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2018 Earth Sign Horoscope Karma


Dear Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn – Your horoscope karma is decided by the cycles of the North Node and South Node in astrology. Until November 2018 the North Node is in Leo and the South Node is in Aquarius. Expect familiar, repeated, events, themes, people and developments. These will come back to you from this life, but also past lifetimes which is why things may feel so uncannily ‘known’ to you!

Your Sun Sign chart or Solar Sign chart based on your regular zodiac sign is a useful guide to what to expect. Because we have a lot of heavy Leo weather from July-September I am going to focus on the North Node in Leo as it passes through, in relation to your chart. What follows is an extract from my favourite Penguin astrology book, 2020 Vision.

You’ll go round and round with the same financial, property and business issues now. In fact, you may feel as if you’re hitting the repeat button, as there is a strong sense of ‘seen it all before’ with cash, houses, flats, paperwork or your precious possessions now.

This can help you to remain wonderfully calm and philosophical about what is going on. In fact, the whole experience of having the North Node in the Eighth House can feel like watching a film you’ve seen a hundred times before. The names, faces or amounts on the cheque may change, but everything else is extremely familiar. Or…you may even have exactly the same set-up, with the same person, to contemplate. It happens!

Past life debts and credits also turn up now. If you are indebted to someone (or a group of people) from a previous incarnation, that issue will now be on your agenda again – which might explain why you feel such a strong sense of deja vu. This also applies to the money, possessions or property which other people owe you. Many astrologers believe this cycle is directly related to reincarnation, and sometimes it’s the same issue or person, over a number of different lifetimes!

You can choose to stretch yourself further with your own financial, business or property situation now – or you can opt out, because it’s easier to lean on your experience and prior knowledge. This cycle can make you feel detached, jaded, cynical, or over-relaxed! The choice is yours. Do you now want to turn your back on those ‘same old, same old’ people and situations, or are you prepared to use everything you have seen and learned and make a really adventurous move?

On the plus side, this cycle can make you feel remarkably cool, collected and calm about other people’s money, other people’s property and other people’s possessions. You have amazing inner knowledge now. You can afford to reflect on all those ‘repeat, repeat, repeat’ situations which are now being fast-forwarded again. If you have difficult financial, business or property-related issues to deal with at this time, the North Node can help you cope.

While the North Node is in the Fourth House you will meet some past-life issues with your family, and also burn off some career karma too. To read more about the career issues, see the section headed South Node in the Tenth House, in the next section. You’re going to have to work extremely hard at that one!

There are compensations, however – the North Node in the Fourth House being one of them. Questions about your career and status may haunt you at this time, but when it comes to family relationships, your previous incarnations with your mother, father, brother, sister – or other family members – will help you bring some amazing intuitive experience and wisdom to your home life.

When we reincarnate, according to astrologers and mediums, we bring forward debts and credits from our last life on earth. At this time, you’ll develop a strange sense of Deja vu as you replay situations with family members that make you feel you’ve been here before…and you probably have. Who owes what, to whom? It may be a moral obligation, a financial debt, a practical favour, or an emotional IOU note. Right now, you’ll have a strong sense of this, as the universe hits the repeat button, and you rewind and replay family scenarios which you’ve seen so many times before.

This can lend you a detachment and wisdom that exceeds your years. Wonderfully, you can now lean on a kind of inner knowing, that will help you decide your next move. This in turn will give you a solid grounding, in terms of the family, which will help you find a strong emotional platform to work from, so that you can handle those frustrating professional issues.

The Fourth House also rules your house or flat – and any temporary accommodation – and on a wider level it also rules your homeland. If you move to a new place now, you’ll ‘know’ it, even if it’s relatively new to you. The North Node describes places you’ve lived in, or worked in, during previous incarnations. So, don’t be surprised if you house-sit for a stranger, and find your way around the neighbourhood without even having to ask.

If you shift to another country now, you have past life credits and debts to sort out there. Take a deep breath and listen to your inner voice – you’ll have some fascinating insights about the place, and the people. Accents, languages, local customs should all come easily to you now, as you’ll have ‘lived’ them before.

On a more mundane note, the domestic, decoration, renovation and DIY situations you experience in these years will make you feel as if you’re stuck on a loop – but in the nicest possible way. The North Node will enable you to relax and take the long view of any home-based situation, because it’s either a repeat of what you went through last month, or it’s a repeat of what you know from another lifetime! When that building work starts, or when that flatmate moves in, you may even have feel that you know the end of the story!

You will now come across an extremely confidential, top secret issue which makes you feel as if you’ve seen it all before. Perhaps you have! The North Node in the Twelfth House delivers people and situations which are familiar to us, because they tend to recur in an endless loop. Famously, it can also serve up past-life experiences and old soul connections, in new disguises.

Even though you can’t reveal anything about the situation you’re involved in now (it’s strictly for your diary) you’ll still find it easy to manage. That’s because you’ve acquired so much experience, thanks to the ‘repeat, repeat, repeat’ nature of what you’re seeing.

The Twelfth House describes what is secret, delicate and almost impossible to reveal. It’s a matter for you and your mirror. The possibilities are endless – it could be a skeleton in your closet, a work contract with the FBI, a private phobia, a clandestine love affair, or your own version of Watergate.

If you have other planets in the Twelfth House at the same time as the North Node, this X-rated matter in your life will assume incredible importance, very quickly. As it goes to the top of your list, though, you’ll notice that you have inherent wisdom about what’s going on. That you feel intuitively ‘right’ about what you’re seeing and experiencing. That is the gift of the North Node. It serves up what you’ve already had on another life menu.

As the Sun, New Moon, Full Moon, Mercury and Venus make their regular voyage through the sign just before your own, they will join the North Node in pushing all your past life memory buttons. Alternatively, these planets will reheat an old secret, or rehash a recurring question, in connection with that Extremely Confidential Matter.

At this point you will have a choice. Remain complacent (and calm) about what is unfolding, or roll up your sleeves, lean hard on everything you know, and take a great leap forward. Astrologers, irritatingly enough, insist that you do the latter. It’s not as easy, or as comfortable, but it will do your karma a world of good, if you get it right. Do you want to cop out, or do you want to progress?

The Twelfth House also describes the time you spend alone, and particular places where you develop a relationship with yourself, in peace and quiet. If you leave normal life to retreat to a special location now, you may know it from a past life (ah, so that’s how you know where the nearest loo is.) It’s also extremely common to become heavily involved with meditation, dream interpretation, psychic work, astrology, therapy and other navel-gazing pursuits in this cycle. If so, once again, you may be drawing on ancient past-life experience and wisdom here. Just don’t use it to rest on your laurels. The whole point of having it, is to feel safe enough to experiment and explore. Just because you’ve been there, done that, doesn’t mean you have to give up.


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