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2018 Air Sign Horoscope Karma


Dear Gemini, Libra and Aquarius – Your horoscope karma is decided by the cycles of the North Node and South Node in astrology. Until November 2018 the North Node is in Leo and the South Node is in Aquarius. Expect familiar, repeated, events, themes, people and developments. These will come back to you from this life, but also past lifetimes which is why things may feel so uncannily ‘known’ to you!

Your Sun Sign chart or Solar Sign chart based on your regular zodiac sign is a useful guide to what to expect. Because we have a lot of heavy Leo weather from July-September I am going to focus on the North Node in Leo as it passes through, in relation to your chart. What follows is an extract from my favourite Penguin astrology book, 2020 Vision.

Past life connections with a brother or sister will be triggered at this time. The Third House has always been associated with siblings. Depending on your own personal situation, you’ll either take a spin on the karmic wheel with someone else in the family, or they’ll take on with you.

You may well feel as if you’re spinning around, to quote Kylie. But it won’t necessarily feel bad. Every revolution of the wheel with your brother or sister will remind you of how much experience and wisdom you can bring to the situation. You may even feel as if you have your PhD in this stuff.

At this time, you’ll hit a repeat of a situation you have been through before, months or years ago. You may even find you’re on constant rewind with just one scenario! That can make you feel wonderfully removed from proceedings – as if you have been there, done that, and made the movie. This in turn can bring you a chance to reflect, ponder and make your next move. You can handle sibling issues like an expert at this time.

This cycle also rules short trips. Don’t be surprised if you keep going back (and back) to one particular destination in these years. Alternatively, you may drive or fly to a place you’ve never been to and find a strange sense of familiarity about the area and the people. Chances are, you knew it in another incarnation! Test yourself: do you need a map in this place, or not?

You will face all-too-familiar issues with short-haul flights and the whole business of summer holidays. Because you either keep ‘revolving’ with the same scenario at this time (or because it’s familiar to you from long-gone, past-life experiences) you’ll feel a sense of ‘been there, done that’ with what is going on.

Your car, motorbike, bicycle or other method of getting from A to B (train, bus, plane or ferry) is also affected by this cycle. You’ll handle all this expertly now, because you not only find yourself facing the same scenario repeatedly, but also because astrology says you have past-life knowledge to bring to the situation. You’ll feel brilliantly philosophical now, even about transport strikes – or airport security crackdowns. You can bring intuitive knowledge and practical experience to almost any situation which involves travel and transportation at this time.

Communication (the written and spoken word) are also extremely important areas for you to develop now. Old past-life abilities as a writer, scribe, broadcaster, speechwriter or orator could surface, giving you unusual calm and confidence, even in situations which are terrifyingly new to you. Fate will also hand you the same communication task several times over; it should feel easy! Any media issues will make you feel as if you’re watching life on rewind, by the way – but that should also enable you to manage things philosophically.

Let’s look at marriages, de facto partnerships or committed relationships first! Over and over again, you’ll meet the same relationship scenario now. This can make you a seasoned expert on the way you and your partner operate together. It can make you feel as if you’ve acquired your PhD in love and life. Try not to become too detached, though – or too lazy. Just because you’ve seen it all before (or you keep seeing it, every single day) does not mean you have to give up. The North Node’s gift to you now is astonishing intuition, and a kind of effortless inner ‘knowing’ about your relationship. That can be a useful springboard for further progress and experimentation, if you are willing to try.

If you are single, you also need to bear this in mind. There will be days when you look at the love jungle from a distance and feel as if you’ve seen every animal in the zoo. There will also be days when you feel so much strange past-life knowledge about a new date, that you wonder why either of you need to go through all this again! People can become a little jaded on a North Node Seventh House cycle – or lazy – because they don’t see the point of pressing ahead with something (or someone) they’ve already done a million times.

Don’t let this happen to you. It will get in the way of your lust for life and prevent you from growing and developing. It’s all too easy to rely on past experiences, or even past-life experiences, when the North Node is at large. The great irony of this cycle, though, is the unique position it will put you in. Never mind the fact that you feel as if you’ve seen it all, done it all, or had it all before: this experience is the one thing that can now make you feel suitably equipped to take off and explore.

Single or attached, the above applies to your husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, former partner, and to any potential dates (those fascinating creatures on the web, or in the bar.)

Enemies, opponents and rivals may also turn up when the North Node passes through the Seventh House. Cue karma! There is an excellent chance that you really have been involved in a dispute or battle with them in another lifetime. Even if you haven’t, something about their personality (or the situation) in this one, will convince you that you are going through the motions. In short, it’s all way too familiar for you, and you will feel way too knowledgeable about it all.

Once again, this can seem like an invitation to cop out. Why bother trying if you’ve been there and done that, with this person? The North Node is not an excuse for lazy thinking, though. Instead, it will give you a remarkably seasoned, philosophical slant on life and people that can help you. Your ‘repeat, repeat, repeat’ experience with your enemy can actually provide you with a safe launch pad for future progress if you are willing to try. Don’t get stuck in a rut now. Take what you’ve learned and try to move forward. This ability to work harder, could be the x factor which finally ends the problem.

Pay special attention to the new friends you make in these years. You have known them before in a past life. How can you prove it? Unless you know a past life coach, you can’t. But there will classically be an instant click when you meet, as if someone has just switched a light on. The connection may be wonderful (instant best friends!) or uneasy (your new ‘friend’ is a problem, but you can’t say why.) In all cases, though, you’ll now be blessed with innate wisdom and intuitive knowledge, because a) you have known this person before and b) your soul knows exactly what’s about to come next.

Karmic debts and credits are burned off with friends in this cycle. So, if your new friend is here to pay back favours from long ago, it will be a happy association. If, however, your new friend is here to settle some kind of old score or problem, you are going to have a bumpy ride. Once again, though, it shouldn’t bother you either way; the main point about the North Node is that it simply gives you tremendous wisdom and detachment. If you feel as if you’re hitting the ‘same old, same old’ with your friend at this time, it’s probably because you are rewinding a friendship from the 19th, 18th and 17th centuries, in that order. And – here’s another thing – your friend may not have been your friend! This person could have been your mother, husband, wife or battlefield enemy. What matters now, though, is that you achieve some calmer karma.

Here’s something else amazing about this cycle; entire groups of people can be reborn together, to sort things out. Once again, the issue will be debts or credits from other lifetimes – favours, promises, grievances, forgiveness, love or even cash returns! There are no accidents in astrology, or in life. If you just happen to stumble into a new network of people at this time, or fate seems to be pulling you inexorably towards a particular team, club or association – take it seriously. You knew all these people before, and you have made soul contracts with each other, prior to this lifetime, so that you can meet up again and fulfil some old promises.

It’s extremely common for old battalions or fighting units to regroup, in order to sort through spiritual debts and credits. Why? Because throughout human history, the most common kinds of bonded groups were military in nature. If so, you may find yourselves – as a group – involved in another battle. Alternatively, as a group, you may find yourselves giving unconditional time, energy or love to another group. In all cases, the karma will be sorted out.

You’ll hit rewind/repeat situations with friends and groups in this cycle, too. Expect to feel wonderfully distanced from proceedings, as if you’ve seen it all before – and you will have! You can bring an impressive amount of calm and experience to all kinds of scenarios involving your social life, friendships and group involvements at this time. You may not know exactly where it comes from but rest assured – the universe has taken you to this place so often, now, that you can’t help but feel like an old hand at the game.


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